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Kleverb – Algorithmic Reverb Plugin Released by Klevgränd

Klevgrand Kleverb Reverb Plugin VST AU Windows MAC

Klevgränd has recently released Kleverb, an algorithmic reverb plugin designed for quick and smooth handling offering awesome results combing an intuitive easy to use UI and a carefully calibrated network of filters, delays, and a mixable reverb effect. There are also a ducking function, three different room size algorithms, and high-quality filters! Very interesting for […]

ILLUSION New Reverb Plug-in Released by LiquidSonics

LiquidSonics ILLUSION Reverb VST Plugin

LiquidSonics releases ILLUSION, a new reverb plug-in that features the technology called Fusion-IR | Synthesis. Illusion can simulate real environments that would normally be in the realm of impulse responses, as well as classical algorithmic reverbs. The effect is calculated by a fusion of impulse responses and a synthesis. There are also plenty of modulations. […]

Prophet XL 76-Key Synthesizer Announced by Sequential

Sequential Prophet XL Synthesizer

Sequential has announced the Prophet XL, a 76-key version of their recently released flagship Prophet X hardware synthesizer. The new instrument offers the same powerful combination of 8Dio’s high-fidelity samples and the full-synthesis capabilities that have earned the Prophet X great recognition. However, the ‘XL’ version is intended to make the concept even more attractive […]

Anaglyph – Free VST Plugin for 3D Audio Effects

Anaglyph 3D VST Effect Plugin

Anaglyph is a high-definition binaural spatialization engine developed after a decade of spatial hearing research effort into the perceptual and technical capabilities of binaural rendering. Now the Anaglyph free VST plugin make accessible the fruits of this research to audio engineers who want to generate 3D sensations in their tracks. Anaglyph combines the application of […]

Studio 2|4 New USB Audio Interface Released by PreSonus

PreSonus Studio 24 Audio Interface

PreSonus has released its newest “Studio USB” audio interface, the Studio 2|4 USB. It is a USB bus-powered audio interface with up to 24-bit resolution and a sample rate of 192kHz, as well as two inputs and outputs. The Studio USB 2 | 4 has two combined Line / Inst / Mic inputs on the […]

Best Halloween FREE Scary Sound Effects Sample Packs

Halloween Free Sound Effects Scary Horror Sounds

It’s Halloween again and we’ve prepared a scary list of free horror sounds ready to frighten your listeners. We’ve searched over the Internet and find for your some of the best resources from where you can download for free tons of Scary Sound Effects, Horror Sound Effects, Spooky Music, Horror Sounds, and much more hunted […]

FlexVerb Reverb VST / AU Plugin Released by Solid State Logic

FlexVerb Reverb VST Plugin

Solid State Logic has released a new plug-in called FlexVerb which is a signal processor offering four types of reverbs – Room, Hall, Plate and Chamber. FlexVerb, however, is not only a reverb effect with the ability to regulate various typical parameters (PREDELAY, DIFFUISON, SIZE, TIME). This plug-in gives the possibility of independently determining the […]

Analog Fusion Synthesizer Announced by FingerSonic

Analog Fusion Hardware Synthesizer

The Italian audio company FingerSonic has announced the Analog Fusion which is a synthesizer with two completely separate analog and digital synthesizer engines. Analog Fusion will be capable of creating warm analog sounds or pure digital sounds or layer both, which obviously wants to open up new synthesis possibilities. There is already a 6-operator FM […]

Rob Papen Has Relased eXplorer 5 Plugin Bundle

Rob Papen Explorer 5

Rob Papen, the legendary sound designer and synth expert behind Predator, Blue, SubBoomBass and many other award-winning virtual synths, has announced the immediate release of eXplorer 5, the latest version of the complete Rob Papen synth & effects plugin collection. The latest Rob Papen eXplorer 5 includes up to 20 virtual instruments and effects. This means […]

Reels Virtual Tape Machine Released by AudioThing

Reels AudioThing Virtual Tape Machine VST Plugin

AudioThing has released Reels, a virtual tape machine to the plug-in that wants to put retro feel into production featuring a built-in echo section and tape-stop effect. Other typical features of a tape machine are available to users of this new release, including Wow / Flutter, Crosstalk, Hiss, Engine Noise, Harmonic Distortion and so on. […]