Musikmesse 2018: Clavia Announces Nord Piano 4

The Swedish manufacturer Clavia intros this year at the Musikmesse 2018 event their new Nord Piano 4 – the fourth generation of Clavia’s award-winning Piano series. Clavia Nord Piano 4 was increased to 120 voices, but the icing on the cake in terms of new features is definitely the new “Creative Piano Filters”. This adjusts the […]

MusikMesse 2017 Highlight News & Rumors

As many of us know, these days takes place the world’s biggest music event, MusikMesse 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany (05.-08. April). As every year many companies present their new products and innovations, ready to take the music industry to a new level. In this article you can read the latest MusikMesse rumors, news and releases from […]

Musikmesse 2016: Tverb Plugin by Eventide and Tony Visconti

Tverb – Reverb Plug-in By Eventide Audio & Tony Visconti (inspired by David Bowie’s Heroes) Eventide in collaboration with Tony Visconti has announced this year at Musikmesse event a new reverb plugin called Tverb inspired by the vocal recording and microphone techniques used by Tony Visconti on Bowie’s 1977 album Heroes in the hall at […]

Musikmesse 2016: Nord Drum 3 Percussion Synthesizer by Nord

Nord Drum 3 and Nord Drum 3P by Nord Nord has announced at Musikmesse 2016 their new Nord Drum 3 and Nord Drum 3P modelling percussion synthesizer ensemble. Nord managed to combine both the drum voices and the pad controller into one instrument. Besides the features of the previous version, Nord Drum 2, the new version […]

Musikmesse 2016: ONE – USB MAC Audio Interface by Apogee

Apogee Digital intros this year at Musikmesse 2016 their ONE, a new all-in-one portable USB audio interface for MAC users. ONE will give you everything you need to make professional recordings featuring exceptional built-in omnidirectional microphone allowing you to capture any sound without compromise. Also, ONE includes Apogee’s industry-leading AD/DA conversion and mic preamp technology. […]

Musikmesse 2016: Modular Synthesizer Plugin by Softube

Softube intros at MusikMesse 2016 their upcoming Modular synthesizer plugin for Windows and MAC that emulates the legendary Eurorack modular synthesizer. Softube’s team of professionals and award-winning modeling experts has created this plugin in close collaboration with legendary inventor Dieter Doepfer and the top minds at Intellijel to re-create circuit emulations of existing hardware modules. […]

Musikmesse 2016: Adaptiverb and Wormhole Plugins by Zynaptiq

Zynaptiq announces this year at Musikmesse 2016 two new audio plugins: Adaptiverb and Wormhole. The first one is a reflectionless reverb plugin, different from what we knew before, while the second is a new effects processing plugin for creating otherworldy sounds. Read more details about each plugin below: ADAPTIVERB Adaptiverb is a revolutionary “reflectionless” reverberation audio […]

Musikmesse 2016: TORAIZ SP-16 by Pioneer DJ

TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler & Step Sequencer by Pioneer DJ Pioneer DJ announces at Musikmesse 2016 the TORAIZ SP-16, a new professional sampler instrument and sequencer created in close collaboration with the famous synth developer Dave Smith, featuring its Prophet-6 analogue filters for perfectly timed one-shots and loops. TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler & Step Sequencer features a […]

Musikmesse 2015: Best Microphones From Show

Here are some interesting, new microphones presented at Musikmesse 2015 event, which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany (15 – 18 April 2015). RNT Tube Microphone by sE and Rupert Neve sE and Rupert Neve unveils the RNT tube microphone, designed in collaboration with Mr. Rupert Neve. Though Mr. Neve is best-known for his discrete, class-A designs, his […]

Musikmesse 2015: Best Audio Interfaces On Show

Here are some of the best Audio Interfaces presented this year at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015 Babyface Pro Audio Interface by RME RME presents this year at Musikmesse 2015 the Babyface Pro, a 24-channel, 192kHz USB audio interface created with the highest precision from a block of aluminum, this high-end yet portable interface incorporates newly designed […]