Dynameter Dynamics Plugin by Ian Shepherd and MeterPlugs

Ian Shepherd and MeterPlugs has released Dynameter, a new plugin that display your track’s dynamics in real-time using a very comprehensive user interface. “Stop worrying about loudness, start succeeding with dynamics.” If you are looking for a tool to optimize your dynamics, Dynameter can help you to achieve optimal dynamics and optimal volume playback across […]

Best VST Synth Plugins Released in 2015 (Chronological)

We’ve picked some of the best VST synth plugins that attracted our attention in 2015. We’ve sorted all synth plugins in chronological order of they release – not to be confused with a “top list”. Each of these plugins is unique, each brings something new, so any of them worth your attention if you are looking […]

NOVA Free Parallel Dynamic EQ Plugin by TDR

NOVA Free Parallel EQ VST Plugin

Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR) has released NOVA, a free parallel dynamic equalizer VST plugin for Windows and MAC OS, available in VST, AU, AAX (32-64bit) plugin format. This freeware EQ plugin features 4 dynamic EQ bands plus additional high-pass and low-pass filter sections. You can get the right loudness setting for your sound using intuitive […]

Greg Wells VoiceCentric Vocal Plugin by Waves

Waves proudly present Greg Wells VoiceCentric, a new user-friendly plugin for vocals, first in a line of Greg Wells Signature  audio plugins for Windows and MAC OS. Who is Greg Wells? You should know that Greg Wells is a multiple-GRAMMY-nominated producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer who has worked and collaborated with big names like Adele, […]

JuceOPLVSTi Free FM Synth VST/AU Plugin

Bruce Sutherland has released JuceOPLVSTi, a free FM synth plugin available in VST/AU 32-bit/64-bit plugin format for both Windows and MAC OS music applications. JuceOPLVSTi emulates the sound of the legendary Yamaha DOSBox OPL2 and OPL3 sound synthesizer chip used in the mid-1980s on old PC sound cards (the Ad Lib card and early Sound […]

Ochre Free EQ VST/AU Plugin by Acustica-Audio

Acustica-Audio has released Ochre, a free 3-band parametric EQ plugin available in VST and AU plug-in formats for Windows and MAC OS users. Ochre is the first plugin of the HOMEBREW series, a new series of Acqua plugins with great user interfaces design for easy and intuitive parameter changes. Controls: Output slider control plug-in output […]

MBitFun Free Distortion VST/AU Plugin by MeldaProduction

MeldaProduction releases MBitFun, a free extreme distortion plugin, availbale in VST and AU plugin formats for Windows and MAC users. Although it is free, MBitFun plugin is a powerful tool to add more distortion to your sounds. MBitFun converts the audio into limited fixed-point precision from 1 single bit up to 16 bits per sample […]

DB-33 Organ and Mini Grand Piano VST/AU Plugins by AIR

AIR intros two new plugins, the DB-33 Organ and Mini Grand Piano, two previously Pro Tools instruments now available in VST and AU plugin format for Windows and MAC users. DB-33 Organ VST/AU DB-33 Tonewheel Organ is a highly respected virtual organ instrument remastered to VST and AU that recreates the sounds of classic tonewheel […]

MChannelMatrix Free Audio Utility Plugin by MeldaProduction

MeldaProduction has released MChannelMatrix, a freeware audio utility plugin that can be used to randomly mix and playback the main input and sidechain channel. It lets you swap left & right, take left from side-chain, audition right in both and much more Key Features: The most advanced user interface on the market – stylable, resizable, […]

MJUC jr. Free Compressor VST / AU Plugin by Klanghelm

Klanghelm has released MJUC jr., a free variable-tube compressor plugin available in VST, AU, RTAS, AAX plugin formats for both Windows and MAC OS systems. MJUC jr. is the little brother of the colorful MJUC (full version priced at €24). MJUC jr. free version is capable of smooth leveling but also heavy pumping effects. MJUC […]