G&S Custom Work 2.0 FREE Kontakt Drum Kits by Autodafe

Autodafe has released G&S Custom Work 2.0, a new version of their initial free Kontakt library released back in 2005. The new version of G&S Custom Work features a brand new Drum Sequencer with 32 selectable patterns. The main instrument has 5 vertical slots as follows: Kicks, Snare/Rim, Hats (Closed, Open, Pedal), Cymbals (Crash, Ride, […]

SINEDUST Free Sound Pack Released by SampleTraxx

SINEDUST by SampleTraxx is a little FREE sound pack dedicated to trailer composers and suited to quickly build trailer cues and sequences. The content span from playable tonal sounds to just sound effects used in modern trailers and includes 100 Wav samples + 15 Kontakt Instruments hosted in Kontakt Photosynthesis engine. This free sound pack […]

KINETIC TREATS Free KONTAKT Instrument Released by NI

Native Instruments presents KINETIC TREATS, a new free Kontakt instrument that creates evolving sounds and textures from a library of carefully sampled vintage children’s toys. This free Kontakt virtual instrument comes with a unique 3D interface that enables high-level control of sonic parameters via the movements of a vintage music box and a tin robot. […]

Gobbler FREE NI Kontakt Instrument Released by Embertone

Embertone is back with Gobbler, a free & funny Kontakt virtual instrument inspired by none other than Gobbles the Turkey. Can you find it a little funny, this unique virtual instrument will make you smile when you’ll listen. How it was created? Imagine 5 adults gobbling away. The more you play, the fast Gobbles will […]

Review: THEREMIN+ Kontakt Library by Soundiron

Soundiron has recently released THEREMIN+, a new advanced Kontakt library / instrument, based, well, you guessed, on a Theremin. I’ve gotta tell you, as an owner – and awful player – of a real theremin, I’m quite excited about this! So, let’s check it out, shall we? Brief History If you don’t have a clue […]

Review: “Elysium Harp” Kontakt Virtual Instrument by Soundiron

Soundiron has released the Elysium Harp, and yes, you’ve guessed, it’s a nice Kontakt instrument based on a 47-string Grand Concert Pedal Harp. The Soundrion team gave us the chance to test this wonderful virtual instrument, so here are the first impressions: First thing’s first: this is a huge library with really huge patches and probably one […]

Review: MAXIMO Orchestra Virtual Instrument by Sonokinetic

If you’re into phrase base libraries you are of course already familiar with Sonokinetic, the king of the phases. Probably you have also heard about their recent release “MAXIMO“, but if you haven’t, or you are still not sure what to think about it, let me tell you a little bit. The name definitely promises […]

FREE HD Orchestra Chords Kontakt Instrument by SonuScore

SonuScore has released HD Orchestra Chords, a free orchestra instrument for Kontakt featuring the renowned Brandenburg State Orchestra sounds recorded by the Tonmeisters from GENUIN, multiple winners of the German Music Prize – The KLASSIK ECHO. HD Orchestra Chords gives you that warm and massive orchestral sound that reminds you of big Hollywood blockbusters such […]

Review: Albion V Tundra Kontakt Library by Spitfire Audio

Today I want to have a look at “Albion V – Tundra“, an orchestral Library for Kontakt from well known folks at Spitfire Audio in the UK. Spitfire has been one of the top players in sample library game for several years, and by how everybody agrees at least on one thing, if they do […]

Gombulator FREE Kontakt Instrument by Fine Cut Bodies

Fine Cut Bodies has released Gombulator, a free Kontakt instrument that emulates the rare sound of the Yamaha PSR-15 from the early ’80s. The Yamaha PSR-15 features six preset sounds plus a set of drums, all of which were meticulously sampled before arranging them into the twisted interface of Gombulator. The developer was kind enough […]