ATOM Kontakt Virtual Instrument Released by Audiomodern

Audiomodern present ATOM, a unique new virtual instrument for Kontakt with a powerful custom engine fully equipped to spark your creativity. The machine is built around a beautifully diverse collection of intricate textures and organic elements, that was created from a huge collection of field recordings, custom made acoustic instruments including a tuned anker, propellers, […]

Review: Symphony Orchestra Library by Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio has released “Spitfire Symphony Orchestra”, and as you already guessed, we grab it and review it for ProducerSpot. This symphonic powerhouse Kontakt library is probably not an entry level library, or at least the price tag suggests so, even more reason to have a closer look at it. Spitfire themselves call it: “…a […]

Review: NOVO Kontakt Library by Heavyocity

I might as well say it outright. We have ALL waited for this. The new NOVO “Modern Strings” Heavyocity Instrument. I have been wondering for months what their next step will be. After “Punish”, some were suspecting another FX-unit, maybe Twist. Given their focus on percussive sound before, many were also suspecting them continuing in […]

Review: Analog Strings for Kontakt by Output

The first months of 2017 are certainly the spring of Strings. With at least 3 major string libraries releases it’s certainly easy to get overwhelmed or even confused, but I am here to help. Today we are going to have a look at one those string libraries, Analog Strings” for Kontakt by Output. Like the […]

Review: Rhythmic Revolution for Kontakt by 8DIO

Today I want to have a look and review a library that it’s coming from one of the major library providers in the market. I’m talking about the new Kontakt library released by 8DIO called „Rhythmic Revolution“. Rhythmic Revolution isn’t your standard percussion or drum library. Instead, it takes a quite interesting approach towards randomization […]

Review: RHYTHMOLOGY Kontakt Instrument by Sample Logic

Let’s take a look at the new Konatkt library by Sample Logic called Rhythmology. A few months ago I reviewed their “Cinematic Guitars Infinity” library, and like quite a bit, and since Sample Logic has made quite a few products in the last couple of years that sparked my interest, I jumped on this one […]

ANALOG STRINGS Kontakt Instrument Released by Output

Output is back again with a new awesome instrument for Kontakt on its name ANALOG STRINGS. Perfect for any modern music maker this new Kontakt instrument is capable of generating some unique and cutting-edge strings sounds. The sound is created with two layered sounds, the sources of which can be classical orchestras, vintage string synths […]

RHYTHMOLOGY Announced by Sample Logic

“The Future of Rhythm” SampleLogic announces RHYTHMOLOGY, a powerful sequencing and effect engine for Native Instruments’s Kontakt and Maschine. The heart of RHYTHMOLOGY is based on a multicore sample engine, which allows simultaneous lay-up and processing of up to four loop sources. Each of the loops is divided into up to 16 rhythm segments, which can […]

Review: “Barrage” by Hidden Path Audio

Today I want to look at something completely new and fresh on the market. It is called “Barrage” by Hidden Path Audio, and it is a cinematic percussion designer for Kontakt users. It is their first Kontakt instrument, and they are breaking into a fairly competitive market in terms of samples, so naturally, I was […]

Review: Strummed Acoustic 2 by Native Instruments

I’m pleased to present you the new Strummed Acoustic 2 from Native Instruments. Note that this isn’t an Update or something like that. It is the second Installation, of “Strummed Acoustic”, and it builds on the first one. It comes with a bunch of new features and some changes, that show that NI listens to their […]