ChillerScapes FREE Horror Kontakt Instrument

Resomonics presents a new horror virtual instrument for NI Kontakt, called ChillerScapes, featuring horror chilling atmospheres and creepy drones. This instrument is based on an older collection of sounds called “Reflection” plus some new sounds that come to compensate the entire instrument. In total it includes 13 Ambiences and 5 Drones; each has 3 layers […]

Review: London Contemporary Orchestra Strings by Spitfire Audio

Let’s have look at LCO Strings, the latest Kontakt string library by the guys from Spitfire Audio. Maybe you were also among those wondering why you’d need “another” string library at this point when LCO Strings was announced. Did you also often wonder how to get some really commonly used but rarely sampled articulations in […]

Review: TRAILER XPRESSIONS by Sample Logic

Heads up to the game and cinematic producers out there, here’s a new Kontakt instrument from Sample Logic. It’s called Trailer Xpressions and it’s a library of atmospheric hits, impacts, zaps, sweeps, drones, whooshes and all that good stuff. Overview The library offers 2 different categories „Ambience“ and „Percussive“. Each of these folders offers different […]

Review: Trailer Guitars II Kontakt Instrument by Audio Imperia

Trailer Guitars II is a guitar sample library and virtual instrument for NI Kontakt from Audio Imperia. With the word „Trailer“ in the title, it’s obviously directed toward the game and cinematic producers. Really workable guitars samples are rare though and perhaps music producers of all genres who don’t play guitar might find this library […]

Review: GRANADA 49 Kontakt Synthesizer by Soundiron

Soundiron back with a new “classic analog synthesizer modernized for Kontakt” called Granada 49. We previously reviewed the Bontastic vintage synth and The Granada 49 follows suit with a similar GUI design and superior sound quality. Inspired by a legendary vintage 70’s synth, the Granada 49 was a portable wooden Organ and has an entirely […]

Review: ElectroCity Kontakt Instrument by Sample Logic

Electro City is a Kontakt sequencer, effects engine and loop library from the award winning American company Sample Logic. For those of you who know Sample Logic’s Rhythmology, this is a huge step in the right direction with endless new options for creating music. Overview Let’s begin with what Electro City virtual instrument can do. […]

Review: ATOM Kontakt Instrument by Audiomodern

In this review, we are going to be going over a new Kontakt virtual instrument made by Audiomodern called Atom, which is a hybrid library targeted mainly at film and video game producers. Atom’s unique and somewhat unusual sound sources produce tones, timbres, and atmospheres that are really one of a kind and can be […]

Review: Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit

I was pretty excited when I’ve read that Spitfire Audio was launching a new library based on Bernard Herrmann orchestration techniques and combinations. Why? Well, pretty easy, Spitfire is one of the world’s best and most creative samples and virtual instruments companies out there and Bernard Herrmann is definitely one of the most important and […]

Review: Bontastic KONTAKT Instrument by Soundiron

Soundiron is a team of software producers and musicians on a mission to create unique and inspiring instruments for production and composition. A quick look around their website reveals an incredibly extensive catalog of some really interesting instruments, samples, and effects. Based on their products you get the feeling they’re not just programmers throwing out […]

Review: Kinetic Toys Kontakt Library by Native Instruments

Few companies in music software are as renowned as Native Instruments. Their samples of acoustic instruments or their digital synths are state of the art. Sometimes though, we don’t want to rely on presets and ready-made sounds. We want to create our own samples and instruments. So we get ourselves a field recorder and start […]