Infekted Kontakt Sound Library by Homegrown

Homegrown release Infekted Kontakt Sound Library that features a big collection with sampled instruments for Kontakt from Native Instruments. Infekted combines 4 sample releases bringing 542 Sampled Instruments in the form of 4000+ categorized Presets and 24 Kosmos Synths. The collection supports Kontakt 3 and above. Full Infekted Information There is also a group buy, […]

Bells Kontakt Sound Library Instruments by AudioThing

Audio Thing release Bells Kontakt (Native Instruments) Sound Library, a big and various collection of bells sounds. As the name suggests, Bells is a collection of samples derived from many different kinds of bells. After visiting Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli in Agnone, Italy – the largest bells company and one of the oldest family-owned businesses worldwide […]

Olympus Mike-Ro Solo Kontakt Sound Library by Soundiron

Soundiron new release a new Kontakt (from Native Instruments) Sound Library with virtuoso solo vocal samples: Olympus Mike-Ro Solo. What you’ll find here is a collection of 5 poly-sustain chants, with Latin and Slavonic Russian content, along with common vowel sustains (Ah, Eh, Oh, Oo) that we recorded during the production of our Olympus Symphonic Choir. These tests […]

Footsteps Metal Surface for Kontakt and EXS24 by Signo SFX

Footsteps Metal Surface for Kontakt and EXS24 by Signo SFX Instruments is a new collection of footsteps effects on a metal surface can be used for metal footbridges, rooms control, space stations, fire escapes, hangars and more. FORMAT: KONTAKT 3.02+, KONTAKT 4.2.4+ – EXS24 – 96kHz/24bit mono. Seven (7) SFX-Instruments are included in this bundle. […]

Tronto Free Native Instrument Kontakt by Tronsonic

Tronsonic new release a free Kontakt (Native Instruments) Tronto instrument with vintage recorded sounds. This product is free for download. It features long cycled, phase aligned waveforms (up to 20secs) from a 1972 minimoog. Unlike most of my other products, this hasn’t been recorded to tape. Instead Kontakt 5’s own tape sat effect plus a […]

Accordion Sound Library for Kontakt by Ilya Efimov

Accordion Sound Library for Kontakt (from Native Instruments) by Ilya Efimov is a new sound bank with 4 timbres for the right keyboard and two basses for the left keyboard. All created for using with Kontakt. The library lets the player select a single timbre or to combine multiple timbres using any of the available 15 […]

Trap Pack – Harmel Shake It by YummyBeats

YummyBeats had relsead Trap Pack – Harmel Shake a special presets patch for NI Massive. This new patch is created special for Trap music production, Hip Hop and also suitable for Electronic music, Dirty South or Dubstep. SYNTHS (Massive required) Leads, Keys & Chiptunes: sharp, piercing, dirty, granular and distorted. Basses: Deep subs, as well […]

Hip Hop Lite Drum Kit for NI Kontakt by WNP Sounds

WNP Sounds brings the Small Hip-Hop Drum Lite, a free hip hop drum kit for Native Instruments Kontakt use. Small Hip-Hop Drum Lite is available for free download via WNP Sounds (8.3MB download size, contains 10 samples in 24-bit WAV format, 1 isntrument in NKI format). Please note that a working email address is required in order to get the […]

Burning Y Sky Kontakt Instrument by Signo SFX-Intruments

New from Signo SFX-Instruments comes Burning Y Sky Kontakt Instrument. Burning Y Sky Kontakt Instrument can be used for a scene in a sci-fi movie or a simple movement of a graphic object. It uses parameter “Y” of the surround panner of Kontakt to allow the user the passage of the chosen sounds, front-back or back-front to follow […]