Unfilter – Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization Plugin

Zynaptiq releases UNFILTER – Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization Plug-In. UNFILTER is a real-time plug-in that removes filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization – effectively linearizing the frequency response of a signal automatically. UNFILTER can also apply a detected filter response to another signal, or export it to disk as an impulse […]

tranQuilizr 6 Bands Equalizer VST/AU Plugin by A.O.M.

A.O.M. has released tranQuilizr, a new 6 bands VST EQ plugin for Windows and Mac OS X (AU & VST). This new equalizer from A.O.M. is “the most transparent equalizer ever”. Even if you are working on very high or low frequencies the sound is clean and transparent. tranQuilizr features 6 equalizer bands and Lo/Hi […]

Easy-Q-Delay Free Stereo VST Effect for Windows by Easytoolz

Easytoolz new release the Easy-Q-Delay, a free for download stereo delay VST plugin for Windows. Here are some of the Easy-Q-Delay VST features: Two separate Delay-lines for Left and Right with Sync-and Manual-modulation Feedback-level-potis 2 LFO´s with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual modulation-time and depth-potis Targets: mod l+r / mod l / mod […]

GEQ Mono/Stereo Graphic Filter Equalizer Plugin by Waves

Waves has released the GEQ, a new powerful Mono/Stereo graphic filter equalizer plugin featuring 30 ISO bands plus high and low pass filters, a high precision floating parametric EQ bell filter, and a real-time analyzer. Created for live sound but equally useful in the studio as well, GEQ is powerful proof that all equalizers are […]