Pivot Tilt EQ Plugin Released by Venomode

Venomode has released Pivot Tilt EQ, a new simple but powerful EQ effect plug-in that features adjustable slope and mid/side modes. How can you actually use Pivot Tilt EQ? You can control your spectrum using Pivot’s adjustable curve. You can adjust the mid signal, the sides, or everything to get the best sound from your […]

Review: Acqua Purple P1 and M5 Plugins by Acustica-Audio

I guess I can begin by saying that the P1 and M5 EQ plugins by Acustica-Audio are yet another emulation of the famous Pultec hardware EQs. Emulation, as in plugins! Despite the shiny images, they’re advertised with they are indeed only software – and pretty good software to boot. I said “yet another” because the Pultecs […]

Review: EQ III – Pro Tools EQ Plugin by AVID

People can often over look plug-ins that come with your DAW by default. I am going to go over stock EQ III plug-in that will have arrived with Pro Tools music production software. Above is a picture of the EQ III. This is your default EQ plug-in when using Pro Tools. It includes all the […]

4U+ Dynamic Tilt EQ Plugin by HOFA Plugins

HOFA Plugins has released a freeware plugin called the HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ and according to HOFA can do everything the legendary analogue models could. Being able to just use one knob to dial in the correct amount of high and low frequencies was a great feature but it was apparently not enough for the people […]

PSP E27 Multistage Equalizer Plugin by PSP Audioware

The latest release from PSP Audioware is “PSP E27”, a multistage equalizer is modeled after “Avedis E27 EQ modular equalizer” which is produced by Avedis Audio Electronics. Other than Versatility and its ease of use, Avedis E27 hardware equalizer is also famous for its ability to produce unique characteristic sounds. PSP E27 is suitable for both […]

PrimeEQ Parametric EQ Plugin Released by Voxengo

Voxengo releases PrimeEQ, a new parametric equalizer VST/AU plugin for professional Windows/MAC music production software. This new EQ plugin from Voxengo come with a very nice user interface, very comprehensive and well optimized. It features an innovative “differential” filter display that allow you to see how exactly a given selected filter contributes to the overall […]

NOVA Free Parallel Dynamic EQ Plugin by TDR

NOVA Free Parallel EQ VST Plugin

Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR) has released NOVA, a free parallel dynamic equalizer VST plugin for Windows and MAC OS, available in VST, AU, AAX (32-64bit) plugin format. This freeware EQ plugin features 4 dynamic EQ bands plus additional high-pass and low-pass filter sections. You can get the right loudness setting for your sound using intuitive […]

Review: Rob Papen RP-EQ Equalizer Plugin

Rob Papen RP-EQ Review In a world where parametric equalisers are in a state of overflow ranging from free EQ plugins to ridiculously expensive and where through all the frequencies you can’t even see the bands anymore, why would any good self-respecting VST smith want to even try to compete in this oversaturated area of […]

DQ65 Free Dynamic EQ VST Plugin by J1000

J1000 has released DQ65, a new free dynamic EQ effect plugin available in VST format for Windows music programs. DQ65 features two gain controls per filter, one for high levels of input signal and other for low input signal. In this way you can increase or decrease the “Input Singal” to utilize it’s range completely. […]

Ochre Free EQ VST/AU Plugin by Acustica-Audio

Acustica-Audio has released Ochre, a free 3-band parametric EQ plugin available in VST and AU plug-in formats for Windows and MAC OS users. Ochre is the first plugin of the HOMEBREW series, a new series of Acqua plugins with great user interfaces design for easy and intuitive parameter changes. Controls: Output slider control plug-in output […]