FabFilter Pro-Q 3 EQ Plugin Now Available

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 EQ Plugin

Fabfilter company announces their new version of Pro-Q equalizer plugin. The Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 plug-in is a professional dynamic equalizer for Windows and Mac capable to lower or raise frequencies – bass, midrange, high – above a certain threshold – a very dynamic EQing is the result. Furthermore, the plug-in will also receive surround support […]

New GotoEQ Equalizer VST Plugin by KLEVGRAND

GotoEQ Eq VST Equalizer Plugin

GotoEQ from KLEVGRAND is a new evolution of a vintage passive tube-based program equalizer for VST/AU/AAX/iPad, expanding on that classic sound with dynamic EQ bands, bringing more versatility to your mixing with continuous frequency selection, and adding metering functionality. This modern classic is laid out simply and easily, with high-pass filtering, four frequency selectors for its […]

Equalizer Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 Now Also for iOS

The Dutch software company Fabfilter is now releasing its Pro-Q 2 plug-in as an AUv3 plug-in for the iPad. The Pro-Q 2 by Fabfilter is a professional and extremely flexible equalizer that has been around for a long time as a VST / AU plug-in for popular DAWs. The EQ supports up to 24 bands […]

GULLFOSS Intelligent Automatic EQ Plugin by Soundtheory

Soundtheory just released a new EQ plugin named Gullfoss (named after the legendary waterfall in Iceland). Gullfoss is the first product of the Soundtheory company. This new EQ plugin is an intelligent automatic equalizer plugin that uses “unique computational auditory perception technology” to identify and resolve any audio problems in your mix. So, Gullfoss is […]

Carve EQ 31-Band Equalizer Plugin by kiloHearts

kiloHearts has released the Carve EQ, a new 31-band equalizer plugin, which wants to assert itself as a versatile plugin for sound design, mixing and mastering. The graphic equalizer with a freely scalable surface is equipped with an analyzer that visually displays in the background a detailed view of the frequency spectrum. In the foreground, […]

Oxford Dynamic EQ Plugin by Sonnox

Sonnox has released a few days ago the Oxford Dynamic EQ, a new equalizer plug-in designed to deliver results where other plugins fail. The Sonnox Dynamic EQ is the latest addition to a growing category of plug-ins launched by the Sonnox company, designed to deliver exceptional results whether it’s about mastering of separate instruments, such […]

DF-Q Equalizer Plugin for Drums Released by Drumforge

Drumforge has released DF-Q, “the first EQ built for mixing drums” – as the developer claims – available in VST, AU plugin format for Windows and MAC. Well, this new EQ plugin combines some of the most popular drum EQing techniques and brings them in one single interface, allowing you to channel your creativity and […]

AE600 Active EQ Plugin Released by McDSP

McDSP has released a few days ago their new AE600 active EQ plugin created to deliver more bands, more equalizer and filter modes, and an improved user interface compared with its predecessor, AE400. AE600 is an active equalizer that provides six overlapping, fixed, and active equalizer bands. Each band has its own gain and frequency control, […]

Sie-Q FREE EQ Effect Plugin Released by SoundToys

SoundToys has released its first plugin, the Sie-Q – a free EQ plugin inspired by the Siemens W295b hardware EQ, available for Windows and MAC. To create this plugin, SoundToys was inspired by the hardware EQ: the Siemens W295b (image below). SoundToys engineers were so impressed by Siemens’s EQ “smooth curves, airy highs and ease […]