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Review: Thrill Cinematic Virtual Instrument by NI

This time let’s have a look at Thrill recently published by Native Instruments. This amazing library got created by a long time collaborator of NI, Galaxy Instruments, who also brought us gems like „Una Corda“, „the Giant“ and „Rise and Hit“. From that we know already we can set our expectations high and probably won’t […]

28 FREE Hi-Hat Samples Released by Mayo Staccato

Mayo Staccato has recently released a new collection of 28 FREE Hi-Hat Samples called Scads of Hats. Here is what Mayo have to say about his new free sample pack: Hello, it’s me again…. I’ve released a new pack on my label Hugsylvania. It’s called Scads of Hats, and I’d be gobsmacked if you covered […]

Over 500+ FREE EDM Samples from GhostHack

GhostHack proudly presents a new collection of over 500 Free Samples featuring a wide range of audio samples especially designed and gathered for world-wide producers of Dubstep, Trap, Pop, Future Bass, House, Drum and Bass, or other EDM styles. If you followed ProducerSpot’s website (if you did not, you should…), you know that they also released […]

Review: Symphony Orchestra Library by Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio has released “Spitfire Symphony Orchestra”, and as you already guessed, we grab it and review it for ProducerSpot. This symphonic powerhouse Kontakt library is probably not an entry level library, or at least the price tag suggests so, even more reason to have a closer look at it. Spitfire themselves call it: “…a […]

Free Hip-Hop Vinyl Samples (Sound Kits) by r-loops

r-loops has added a new free sample pack for Hip Hop vinyl lovers to their free sample packs catalog. The Free Hip-Hop Vinyl Samples collection features 5 Hip Hop vinyl construction kits, each filled with all the audio elements used in the production process. All 5 beats (construction kits) from this sample pack were composed using high-quality sounds […]

6 Free Sample Packs Released by SoundShock

SoundShock is proud to release for producers 6 sample packs, all available for free download on their website. There are 6 new free sample packs in the following genres Dubstep, Trap, Progressive/ Tropical House, Future Bass, House/Electro and Electronic. Each pack contains 57 Total Samples, 3 Bass Loops, 5 Bass One Shots, 3 Synth Loops, […]

Review: BT PHOBOS Soft Synth by Spitfire Audio

Wow! Spitfire Audio teamed up with BT. That’s something that makes you listen. And on top of that, they are building a synth. Now that really had me wondering, not really what I expected from my favorite orchestral library supplier. And now, after over 2 years of development, Phobos software synthesizer it is finally here, […]

Tekturon Delay VST / AU Plugin Released by D16 Group

D16 Group has released Tekturon, a new flexible VST, AU delay effect plugin featuring 16 delay lines arranged in a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other PLUS a special feature of which is the “Delay Matrix“. Using the “Delay Matrix” you can individually determine the quality for each delay. With the 16 delay […]

Review: „NOVO“ Kontakt Library by Heavyocity

I might as well say it outright. We have ALL waited for this. The new NOVO “Modern Strings” Heavyocity Instrument. I have been wondering for months what their next step will be. After “Punish”, some were suspecting another FX-unit, maybe Twist. Given their focus on percussive sound before, many were also suspecting them continuing in […]

Review: Boost Dynamic Processor by Sample Magic

Sample Magic is an impressive all-encompassing online platform for Electronic music. They offer an extensive catalog of Samples, Presets, Artist, Labels, and Plugins. The Plugins they offer are not your run of the mill. They’re really different, offering you possibilities to affect your music in ways you have never dreamed of. They also created plugins […]