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New Panorama T4 & T6 MIDI Controllers by Nektar

Nektar Panorama T4 T6 MIDI Controllers

Nektar Technology introduces new Panorama T-Series that includes two new MIDI controllers Nektar Panorama T4 and Nektar Panorama T6.

Panorama T4 and T6 provide users with more options than ever before, with full control of VST / AU instrument plug-ins in any VST / AU-compatible host, control of virtually any DAW, new performance features, and far-reaching MIDI functions.

“Nektar is known for exploring and expanding the limits of what is possible in DAW integration. We are continuing this work with the new Panorama T4 and T6.” – says Nektars boss Niels Larsen.

Panorama T4 and T6 give virtual software instruments the feel of a hardware synthesizer through direct parameter access from the controller.

This is made possible by the new Nektarine Plug-In Control Manager software.

Each plug-in parameter change is immediately displayed in the LED display of the controller.

In addition, Nectarine’s graphical interface makes it very easy to adapt existing or create your own parameter assignments.

The new note repeat function for keyboards and pads offers many real-time parameters and a built-in MIDI synchronizable timing engine.


  • T4 $ 349.99 US / £ 279.99 / € 349.99
  • T6 $ 399.99 US / £ 349.99 / € 399.99

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