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New Novation SL MkIII Keyboard Controller

Novation SL MK III MIDI Keyboard Controller
Novation introduces the SL MkIII, the next generation of its SL keyboard controller, which has exciting features for hardware and Co. control.

SL MkIII is a keyboard controller that can be purchased with either 49 or 61 keys. It is a sequencer and a interface for the music equipment, because the RGB-colored pads, buttons, eight sliders, and eight knobs allow control over any music software via InControl. The velocity-sensitive RGB pads on the SL MkIII keyboard controller have several functions: they can be used to fire clips or as steps in the sequencer. They are also perfect for finger drummers and have polyphonic aftertouch. The integrated polyphonic 8-track sequencer also allows the programming of beats and melodies.

Novation SL MK III 49SL Keyboard Controller

Components allow templates and sessions to be stored and restored in the cloud for instant access from anywhere in the world. Any projects can also be stored locally. Connections include USB, MIDI I / O / Thru, three pedal inputs, analog clock out, and two CV pitch, gate, and mod outputs. For example, you can control your DAW Ableton Live via USB and simultaneously control a modular system via CV and a synthesizer via MIDI. In addition, the Novation team says that they worked with Ableton to create an unprecedented integration with Ableton Live software. In addition to the mentioned Live, new keyboards can control such programs as Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason or Reaper.

The new Novation SL MkIII controller keyboards are now available from retailers (49 keys for $ 599 and 61 keys for $ 699).

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