iZotope Neutron 3 Out Now – What’s New

iZotope - Neutron 3 VST Mastering Plugin

The audio software company iZotope has released the Neutron 3, a new update for their well-known mastering and mixing plugin effect used by thousands of producers and engineers.

New in version 3 is Sculptor, a new module included in both the Standard and Advanced versions. Sculptor handles selected frequency bands with a range of compressors and EQs, making it easy to edit or completely change each track. The module communicates with the Track Assistant to analyze and classify the individual tracks and makes real-time suggestions to implement an EQ curve or to experiment with new sounds.

In addition, Neutron 3 offers a variety of minor improvements. For example, the masking meter has been redesigned. This automatically reports coverage effects (eg bass drum and bass), which can be corrected.

As usual, the performance was also tweaked. Editing and loading times, as well as the metering, are now clearly nimble to be displayed or work. If you use Neutron multiple times in a session, you will be happy to see that such sessions are opened faster and the speed of the visualization has been doubled.

iZotope - Neutron 3 Mastering Plugin

In addition to the single purchase of Neutron 3 iZotope offers various software packages. Neutron 3 is now part of Music Production Suite 2.1, Neutron Elements 3 is part of the iZotope Elements Suite.

As usual, the manufacturer offers Neutron in three versions: Neutron Elements, Neutron 3 Standard and Neutron 3 Advanced. The comparison table shows the differences between the individual versions.

Link: Neutron 3

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