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Neutrino FREE Spectral Shaping Plug-in by iZotope

iZotope Neutrino

iZotope has released Neutrino, a free spectral shaping audio plugin for Windows and MAC hosted music applications.

This free Spectral Shaping plug-in features the new iZotope mixing technology coming this fall.

At the heart of Neutrino, iZotope’s free mixing plug-in, is a new type of dynamics processing called Spectral Shaping.

The technology behind Spectral Shaping brings balance to instruments and voices—in a way that traditional compressors and equalizers haven’t been able to in the past.

You can insert Neutrino on multiple tracks across your session to reveal a subtle amount of detail that can help elevate great mixes to a new level of refinement.

Add balance to your mix without sacrificing dynamics and sonic integrity using Neutrino’s simple controls. Being a very friendly CPU plugin you can add Neutrino on every track or the major mix buses (just like analog summing or console emulations), without having to overload your processor.

iZotope Neutrino

Neutrino includes 4 modes, tailored to specific instrument types:

  • Voice: Adds clarity and detail to help vocals sit on top of the mix
  • Instrument: Preserves the authentic character of the instrument
  • Bass: Adds punch and weight to electric, acoustic, and synth basses
  • Drums: Emphasizes transient detail to avoid “muddy” mixes

Neutrino is a very efficient plugin and best of all is FREE! So go ahead and download it, try it, and take your mixes to a next level of clarity.

Neutrino is available in VST 2 (32-bit and 64-bit), VST 3 (32-bit and 64-bit), Audio Unit (32-bit and 64-bit), AAX (64-bit), RTAS (32-bit), Audiosuite DPM and AAX plugin formats.

It’s compatible with all major DAWs such as Logic Pro X.2, Ableton Live 9.5, Pro Tools 12.4, Pro Tools 11.3.1, Cubase Pro 8.5, REAPER 5.11, FL Studio 12.2, Studio One 3.1.1, Pro Tools 10.3.1 and more.

More Details / Download: Neutrino (available at PluginBoutique)

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