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Neumann MA 1 – New Studio Monitor Calibration System

Neumann MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment System

The German company Neumann announced the release of MA1, a studio monitor calibration system, which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IIS audio processing institute. The MA 1 kit includes an individually calibrated measurement microphone and setup software. According to Neumann, using their system will provide the best sound quality for monitoring in any acoustic environment.

Neumann MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment

The Neumann MA 1 can only be used with the Neumann’s studio loudspeakers that have DSP processors. Currently, this only applies to the KH 80 DSP and KH 750 subwoofer. Data for optimization of frequency response and phase linearization are saved and processed directly on the monitors themselves, while users can control all settings using special software (Mac / Win).

Neumann MA 1 Automatic Alignment

At the moment, the calibration of the KH 80 model and the KH 750 subwoofer is supported. It is also possible to correct analog models working in conjunction with a subwoofer. With a little detour, you can also use the other Neumann speakers such as KH 120 A / D, KH 310 A / D, and KH 420, because if you connect them to the KH 750 DSP subwoofer, it will do the sound correction, save it and passes this on to the analog speakers.

The Neumann MA 1 will be on sale soon for $ 300.

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