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Networking Basics for Music Producers & Musicians

Networking Basics for Music Producers & Musicians

As a music producer, musician, artist or more likely anyone who’s got to deliver stuff to other people, knowing your ecosystem of partners in the whole production chain can greatly improve your overall reach.

While knocking doors in an old-fashioned way may not be the best option for a digital music producer – Networking is, and the principles did not change too much over the last 10000 years of evolution. As our online identities and profiles are the most convenient tools to reach people nowadays, usage of them gets kind of inflationary. We tried to sum up some of the best ways to promote yourself and your work, to make a name along the network.

So, what is social networking?

It is the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share.

1. Be Adventurous

Social media has made the world a small place and artists from another hemisphere are only a few clicks away. Go on musical journeys via Facebook, Soundcloud and GET IN TOUCH – if you hear something you like. Maybe leave a comment on SoundCloud or even write them an email or message if you really are interested in the vibe. Most artists will reply and they love talking about their music if someone is truly interested.

2. Quality over Quantity

“Hey i really liked your track “lofisoundtest64kbps.mp3” I just think…..” And click, this message just got in the Trash. But why is that?

The message implies obviously that, in this case, the bot, did not even read and understood the track description. This will not happen with humans for sure, but keep in mind that in order to support your music you will have to give love back to others. Listen to full tracks and mixes of artists or labels you like and start a conversation with them about what you just learned. Don’t just go through profiles and variously like everything, instead invest some time on places worth it.

3. Be of Help

Can you help the People you just met? Even if you are not in a position to help maybe you know someone who is. Bring these people in touch! If neither is the case you can still offer to like and follow their releases and updates. Maybe you have some talents or resources you can throw in the pot. At some point, you will get to a situation where one of your new friends can help you with something. The magic of Networking.

4. Be Real

Don’t just talk work, these people are your new friends, they have more to share than just technical information. They have differing ideas of life and existence in general, moods, beliefs and values. See if you share some of them, this will change your perspective on music production too…

5. Be persistent

Networking is not easy and never was. For some people it may be a less difficult task, for some it’s hard. But it takes time in every scenario. Keep in touch with your contacts from time to time, listen to what they are doing and support their journey. Eventually, they will follow your path too and as they grow. Their fan base will grow and so will yours.

As a conclusion: The most important is to be an active person and communicative. Try to make connections with people who share the same passion as you. Participate in discussions on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Reddit .etc, post comments with useful tips, or ask for advice if you have any queries.

To succeed in the music industry you have to be known to people. 

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Read below some of my favorite quotes:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. – African Proverb

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself… – Christine Comaford-Lynch

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