reverb vst effects for windows neo reverbSound Magic has released new Neo Reverb VST effect plugin for Windows. This vst effect contains algorithms presets for various spaces: hall, concert, room, plate, chamber, ambiance, space and many more.

Neo Reverb features around 40 controls allowing you to tweak the sounds. Neo Reverb gives you the realistic sound of a Convolution Reverb AND the playability and aliveness of an Algorithm Reverb. You also get over 100 converted Algorithm IRs (called REF Files) which cover different types of space, such as Hall, Room, Plate, Chamber, Concert Hall, etc. And, in order to be friendlier to its end users, Sound Magic contains a detailed help hint system inside Neo Reverb, along with a very detailed and in-depth manual.


  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision.
  • All-Purposed Reverb contains 8 Algorithms for different spaces, including, Hall, Concert Hall, Room, Plate, Chamber, Ambience, Space and etc
  • Innovative Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb Engine
  • Innovative Cascade True Stereo technology
  • Powerful modulation system helps to achieve a dynamic sound
  • Over 40 in-depth controls on the Reverb
  • Over 130 algorithm IRs in 6 different categories for your uses
  • Innovative Dual Cores Controls let users compare different settings quicker.
  • Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

This VST plug-in price is 99 EUR. A Pro version including an IR file converter is available for 199 EUR. (Windows VST).

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