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Neo Eq 2 VST Effect Plugin by Sound Magic

Neo EQ Grand VST Collection

Neo EQ 2 is a new equalizer plugin with new technology inside from Sound Magic. This Eq VST plugin is able to automatically detect and lock in the most sensitive frequency. Neo EQ 2 is more effective and easier to use than other traditional EQ.

Neo EQ does a lot of the work that a mixing engineer did in the past. Send an audio signal to Neo EQ and it will analyze that input and find just the right frequencies for you. You won’t need to hunt for the right frequency by yourself anymore or worry about whether you can find the correct one. After Neo EQ finds that perfect frequency for you, you can adjust the bass, the basic frequency and the harmonic for it. This not only saves a lot of time, it can give you amazing insight on how those with years of training zero in on exactly what needs fixing. And Neo EQ takes the guesswork out of messing with the Bandwidth/Q settings. Sound Magic has analyzed hundreds of mixing engineer’s EQ methods and developed three special algorithms for bandwidth. Pick your musical/engineering style and Bandwidth will be automatically calculated for you.

Neo EQ 2 VST

Neo EQ 2 new features since latest version:

  • Native 64-bit VST and AU support.
  • Improved Pitch Tracking Algorithm.
  • Add New Dynamic Interaction feature.
  • Improved Freeze function.
  • Improved Response.
  • Add 12 presets.
  • Animated GUI.
  • Many other changes were caused by the main framework changes.

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