Nectar 2 Production Suite by iZotpe - ReviewiZotope brings the Nectar 2, a suite of three plugins: Nectar 2, Breath Control, and Pitch Editor. This plugin is what any producer needs in his studio work in special for vocal processing and mastering. iZotope earns its reputation by offering a large number of plugins with awesome build-in presets. Nectar 2 allows users to select exactly the wanted plugin and help you to get the perfect vocal sound.

Compared with Nectar 1, this new version comes with some clean lines in interface design and a very nice bronze layout. Also along with the old module from the first version such as the compressors, gate, de-esser, breath control, pitch, and saturation, Nectar 2 brings a much clearer dynamic feedback, with an extremely useful gain trace graph. Also in the Delay module are some modifications, wet and dry sliders are now separately and more quality.

The Breath Control is perfect to reduce or remove the air inhalations and the Pitch Editor will help you for a better correction of vocals.

EQ and Saturation Modules are very easy to use. The Saturation Module has five different emulations: Analog, Retro, Tape, Tube, and Warm, and in the EQ Modules you can use up to eight fully parametric bands.

Dynamic Modules include the De-Esser, Compressors, Gate, and Limiter. All these do a great job and are very useful. There are not just one Compressor but two Compressors modules and each has four different characteristics: Digital, Vintage, Optical, and Solid-State.

Another new feature of Nectar 2 is the FX Module that includes an overdrive distortion, phase, flange, echo, and chorus.

Presets are the gold mine of any iZotope plugin. A real value that offers you a large number of presets that can be the perfect start point for your work. With some modification, you will get the exact sound you want to hear. You can access these presets from the Presets Manager at the bottom of the interface.

Nectar 2 Producer Suite is perfect for any vocal production and will offer many vocal processing ideas that neither you thought before that can exist. You will get lots of effects and processors for his price and the New FX Module is just great for sound design.

Nectar 2 Production Suite is compatible with all major DAW programs from these days. Nectar 2 comes as VST, VST3, AU, RTAS/AudioSuite, and AAX architectures.

You can buy Nectar 2 Producer Suite for £189.00 from

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