Nebula Delay VST Plugin

SoundSpot has released a new plugin called Nebula, which is new Delay FX plugin featuring 5 FX modules: a stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter, and LFO.

As all SoundSpot’s plugin related until today, Nebula delay plugin comes with a nice and clean user interface and was designed to work in any DAW and also with touch controllers such as the Raven controller by Slate Media.

The 5 modules I mentioned at the beginning can be used individually or in the predefined signal path. Each module has a power button, so you can simple deactivate or activate what module you need.

Nebula Delay VST Plugin

At a glance…

  • Intuitive, easy to use user interface.
  • Designed to work with touch controllers such as the Slate Media’s Raven
  • Stereo delay with visual feedback
  • LFO, Chorus, Flanger to create unique  movement to the signal
  • Bandpass delay filter to sculpt the sound and remove unwanted frequencies.
  • Power button for each FX module
  • Save & share your own delay presets

Nebula delay plugin is available for Windows and Mac (VST, AAX, AU) and it can be purchased from PluginBoutique website for an introductory 90% OFF sale – check the link below!

More Details: Nebula

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Nebula Delay VST Plugin

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