Native VST Plugins Ported to OSX by Image-Line

Image-Line OSX VST Plugins

Image-Line have announced that they have managed to port their VST Plugins: Harmor, Gross Beat, Maximus, Sytrus to OS X.

These plugins should work in any 32bit VST host program that runs in OS X. They may run in a 64bit host if it is capable of loading 32bit plugins, but this has not been tested.

We’d also be interested to hear experiences using these plugins in AU hosts using the AU version of Minihost Modular as a bridge.

Note: this is an Alpha release. A lot of things don’t work as they should. There are issues with the Preset Managers, and these will all be sorted in later releases. Please let us know what doesn’t work as expected below.

Alpha 3 Changes:

  • New: Harmor
  • Improved stability when using several instances of the plugins
  • “Create sequence” menu item now works
  • Gross Beat: fixed problem with label text sometimes disappearing

More Details: Native OSX VST – Alpha 3

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