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NAMM 2019: Sono Amp Modelling Interface by Audient

NAMM 2019 - Audient Sono Amp Modeling Interface

Audient presents this year at NAMM 2019 the Sono “the world’s first amp modelling interface”. Created in close collaboration with the emulation specialists from Two Notes Audio Engineering, Sono is “the ultimate audio interface for guitarists” – they might be right!

The key difference between the Sono and a conventional interface is the integrated 12AX7 tube, a three-band tone control, and the torpedo power amp module of Two Notes, including their high-quality Cabinet emulation. A near-zero latency is promised, while a monitor mix will allow mixing between the guitar input signal and the DAW playback. The Audient Sono is also designed for use with pedalboards, making an external amplifier almost redundant – it continuously records a clean DI signal for re-amping.

Obviously, this is a device designed specifically for guitarists. The Sono is basically a 2-In / 2-Out audio interface, but which is equipped with some interesting features to help the guitarist recording in the studio.

Audient Sono Interface

As a stand-alone interface, the Sono is also well-suited and offers two Audient microphone preamplifiers that can be expanded to up to 10 inputs via ADAT, e.g. Record drum tracks. Audient points out that vocal microphones and synthesizers can also be routed through the preamp, the EQs and the box simulations, which should further expand the circle of interest.

The French manufacturer Two Notes Audio Engineering has contributed with a loudspeaker emulation, which already includes emulations of a Marshall 4 x 12, a Fender 2 x 12 and an Ampeg 8 x 10 “box (probably meant for the bass players as well) Software control, the emulations can still be customized.

The Audient Sono also offers two mic preamps, each with its switchable 48V phantom power and XLR / Jack combos, the first input can be routed to the tube preamp (below picture). A microphone or line signal can be chased through the tube to achieve a warmer sound through overtone enhancements.

In addition to the XLR / jack inputs and the individually switchable 48 V phantom power, the rear panel features the two TRS outputs, an optical ADAT input, the USB-C connection and an on / off switch. At the front, there is next to a guitar input also a “To Amp” output and the KH-Out (above picture).

Audient Sono Amp Modeling Interface

Audient Sono is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2019 for $ 449. More Details Here: Audient Sono

What do you think about this new interface? Would you like to have it in your studio? Leave us a comment below.

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