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NAMM 2018: MiniBrute 2S Analog Synthesizer by Arturia

Arturia Minibrute 2S Analog Synthesizer

Arturia are proud to announce at NAMM 2018 the release of the Minibrute 2S new synthesizer, an analog mono synth that combines the signal generation, shaping, and modularity of the new synthesizer MiniBrute 2.

MiniBrute 2S replaces the keyboard with a series of performance pads, as well as a triple layer sequencer that can store up to 64 sequences and the ability to connect them together.

MiniBrute 2S

Arturia Minibrute 2S Analog Synthesizer
Arturia Minibrute 2S Analog Synthesizer

This should be able to generate flowing performances. With the different levels not only melodic sequences are to be created, but parameter automation is also possible.

MiniBrute 2S is a synth that promises to bring every element of your creative environment together, and unleash the true potential of modularity.

MiniBrute 2S provides a semi-modular architecture that should provide the ability to improve internal signal routing by using its comprehensive CV / Gate.

MiniBrute 2S should also be able to play a dominant role within a modular setup by using external modules to influence the sound or even sending signals or sequences from the MiniBrute 2S to Eurorack modules.

MiniBrute 2S has features that even keyboard-equipped Minibrute from the year 2012 has offered and on top of that, the “Arturia Link”, an exciting innovation that wants to help unify and democratize your creative environment.

“Truly an instrument designed for musicians by musicians.”

Minibrute 2S will be available from March 2018. Find Arturia at NAMM 2018: they’ll be at booth #11910.

Check out the official Arturia MiniBrute 2 video below, featuring London-based trip-hop act The Salvador Darlings.

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