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NAMM 2016: Music Memos iOS Application by Apple

Apple Music Memos iOS Application

Apple introduces at NAMM 2016 their Music Memos, a new music app for iOS devices designed for Beatmakers and Songwriters. Music Memos allows musicians to capture, organize and create their musical ideas right on their iPone or iPad.

Among the new feature of this application, that distinguish it from GarageBand, is Live Loops, a new fun way to make music like a DJ. This new Live Loops layout feels like a Session View in Ableton combined with the popular iOS looping app Loopy.

Music Memos automatically analyzes the basic arrangement and suggests chords you played for each track. Then you can hear how your music sounds with a realistic virtual drummer and bass player jamming along. If your performance speeds up or slows down, so does the band. You can even tweak the energy and performance of the drums or bass with a few simple controls.

You can move your recordings into GarageBand from your iOS device and build in additional tracks and instruments for a professional-sounding mix. You can also email your song ideas to a friend or band member, add tracks to your Apple Music Connect, iTunes or even to your SoundCloud.

All these features make it perfect for live bands looking for a simple recording and production app to collaborate and learn with.

Apple’s new Music Memos is available on the iTunes App Store for free download and is compatible with iPhone 4s -or later, and with iPad 2 -or later (requires iOS 9.1 or later).

More Details: Music Memos

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