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NAMM 2014: 8010 New Audio Monitors Series by Genelec

Audio Monitors 8000 Series by Genelec

Genelec has unveiled at NAMND 2014 the 8010, a new series of audio monitors from the 8000 range of studio monitors. The Genelec 8000 Series is widely used in broadcast, music, and post-production studios around the world. The new Genelec 8010 allows professionals to work in compact studios and on the move with an accurate monitoring tool. The ease of installation and outstanding sound quality make Genelec 8010 monitors ideal for small studios, OB vans, and perfect companions for portable recording devices and other mobile work.

The new Genelec 8010 is the smallest member of the Genelec 8000 product range. The 8000 Series is widely used in broadcast, music, and post-production studios across the world. Its professional heritage is reflected in the compact-sized 8010. Suitable for professional work in small studios it offers accurate monitoring capability with ease of installation. The outstanding sound quality makes 8010 ideal for small studios, OB vans, and a perfect companion for portable recording devices and other mobile production work.

Genelec Audio Monitors 8010 Series

With a balanced XLR input, 3-inch woofer, 3/4-inch tweeter, and efficient Class D power amplifiers – one for each driver – 8010s produce more undistorted sound pressure levels than you might expect from monitors of this size. Genelec’s Intelligent Signal Sensing, the ISS circuitry saves energy by automatically setting the monitor to sleep mode when an audio signal has been absent for a while. Once a signal is detected again, the monitor wakes up automatically. The ISS circuitry can be bypassed when needed.

A full range of versatile accessories is available for 8010, which cover all mounting needs. For example, an elegant L-shaped table stand can be used to optimize monitor orientation toward the listening position and to minimize undesired sound reflections. Thanks to its exceptional sound quality, small size, and universal mains input voltage, 8010 is the perfect monitor companion for music production on the move.

These days our nice postman brought a box, no, more like a little box. Neither the minimal dimensions nor the minimal weight would suggest that it contained the latest creation from the Finnish monitor specialist Genelec. Despite everything, we took a closer look at the new Genelec 8010.

Like all loudspeakers in the 8000 series, the 8010 also stands on a stylishly designed rubber foot that effectively decouples the monitor from the installation surface. On the back, there are several threads into which a variety of optional Genelec mounting accessories can be screwed.

With the 8010, Genelec specialist has taken miniaturization to the extreme. Equipped with the same dissecting character as all Genelec’s, it is a real audio tool to go. Due to the tiny size, however, there is a somewhat compressed sound character that you have to like.

The 8010 has been given a UK RRP of £249.

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