Click Sound Ableton Live Projects Templates
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Click Sound proudly presents Nais Ableton Live Projects Pack 1, a great collection of Ableton Live projects, all royalty free and ready to be used by any Live producer who want to learn new tips in how to make music in Live or need more inspiration for their next productions.

This pack includes 3 constuction templates special crafted to be used with Ableton Live DAW:

Ableton GlitchHop Project

This template features some heavy bass Glitch sounds, sharp drums and special FX sounds. All tracks are at 100-bpm and was exported as Wav files to a separate constuction folder. This mean you can use this wav samples in any music software that support .Wav files, such as FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Bitwig Studio and many more.

Ableton Breaks Project

This template requires Native Instruments Massive synth. Featuring crisp, sharp, punchy drums, percussion and effects, along with a bassline that could crush concrete, this project will without a doubt inspire and feed your appetite for the Breaks sound of today.

Ableton Electro Project

Requires Sylenth1 synth. This Ableton Live tempalte features some infectious lead melody, basslines and percussion that cuts through “like a nife through butter”.

Grab your copy today and discover new music horizons with this Ableton Live templates.

Nais Ableton Live Projects Pack 1 is available for £16,95 at

More Details/Demos: Nais Ableton Live Projects Pack 1 | Click Sound

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