My Log Drum Free Kontakt Sound Library by Fluffy Audio

MyLogDrum NI Kontakt Free Sounds
MyLogDrum for NI Kontakt

Fluffy Audio new release a free sound library for Native Instruments (NI) Kontakt virtual instrument.

A primitive sounding percussion for NI Kontakt.

The log drum, also called Slit Drum, is an idiophone usually carved in wood or
constructed in a resonant wooden box. On the surface there are some woodden tongues that can be struct to play a simple melody.
Our instrument is a “vintage” version of the most common log drum in commerce.


  • 55 Mb NCW compressed sample pool
  • 258 samples
  • 2 different playing “beaters”: mallet and fingers
  • 4 velocity layers layers for fingers
  • 7 velocity layers for mallets
  • 3x Round Robin
  • Equalizer, Reverb with custom IRs
  • Full velocity control
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready

My Log Drum is a free download for Kontakt. Download Here

Kontakt 4.2.4+ (full version required).
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