Musikmesse 2018: Waves Presents TRACT Plug-in

Waves Tract VST Plugin

This year at Musikmesse 2018 event the well-known audio software developer Waves presents the Tract plug-in which can be very useful for sound engineers in live performances.

Waves Tract is supposed to help measure and tune the PA.

The measurement technology behind it is Rational Acoustics Smaart.

The Rational Acoustics Smaart system captures the sound in the environment and passes it to the plug-in, which then analyzes the incoming audio signal and suggests an EQ curve for improvement.

Similar to what is known, for example, from the Genelec GLM automatic calibration system, an equalizer curve is created to significantly improve the sound.

Own interventions are of course possible.

The graphical interface is very practice-oriented, which of course brings many advantages here.

All functions are quickly accessible, analyzers and displays can be configured depending on the application and the rest runs in the background as if by itself.

Waves Tract Plugin

The plug-in comes in two versions. Once with integrated non-linear phase EQ (about five samples latency) and once with a linear phase EQ (about ten milliseconds latency).

You can even save presets or reference curves and retrieve them anytime.

Waves Tract will be available in June 2018 in the manufacturer’s webshop and official resellers.

Unfortunately, there is no price quotation yet. More details soon.

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