MusikMesse 2017 Highlight News Rumors

As many of us know, these days takes place the world’s biggest music event, MusikMesse 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany (05.-08. April).

As every year many companies present their new products and innovations, ready to take the music industry to a new level.

In this article you can read the latest MusikMesse rumors, news and releases from major brands in the industry – constantly updated!

KeyLab Essential by Arturia

Musikmesse 2017 News

KeyLab Essential by Arturia

Arturia intros KeyLab Essential a series of two new controllers, with 49-notes respectively 61-notes.

Musikmesse 2017 KeyLab Essential by Arturia

Both models from KeyLab Essential features velocity-sensitive keyboards and pitch-bend/modulation wheels, also it includes 8 RGB backlit performance pads, 9 faders and 9 rotaries above the keyboard.

In addition, these new Arturia controllers include 6 fully customizable user memories, a Chord Play mode and an LCD screen.

The KeyLab Essential controllers will be available priced at €199/$249 (49-note model) and €249/$299 (61-key model).

AT5047 Microphone by Audio Technica

Musikmesse 2017 News

Musikmesse 2017: Audio Technica AT5047

AudioTechnica presents the AT5047 a new high-end microphone. Four rectangular diaphragms, each only 2 micrometers thin, are combined to form a large sound transducer, which provides the double surface of a normal 2″ diaphragm. This structure, known from the AT5040, provides for an extremely large dynamic range which leaves no details hidden Slightly altered electronics of the AT5047 puts on a transmitter at the output and is to provide for a soft sound. Like the other models of the 50 series, the AT5047 is also handmade and has a modern design made of aluminum and brass. It is equipped with a highly developed internal shock-absorbing mount which decouples the capsule from the microphone body.

The AT5047 is delivered in a hard case with punched foam compartments and has a recommended retail price of 3.999 Euro incl. VAT and will be available in summer of 2017 in Europe.

Reference Silver Microphone by Manley

Musikmesse 2017 News

Reference Silver Microphone

Manley Labs is presenting its new large-diaphragm condenser microphone: the Reference Silver Microphone.

Designed by David Josephson and hand-crafted, the large diaphragm condensate capsule is based on the legendary Sony C-37A from the 1960s and delivers a warm and rich sound in combination with the 5670 tube and a new circuit design developed by Manley Labs with IRON transformer.

The large diaphragm capsule is powered by a 5670 tube-based amplifier, the external switching power supply operates with a constant current source for minimized noise.

The reference characteristics of the Reference Silver Microphone can also be switched between kidney and ball operation using a mechanical switch directly on the microphone.

Visitors can see the new Reference Silver Microphone from Manley Labs Europe exclusively at the stand of S.E.A. Sales & Consulting GmbH in Hall 9.0 Stand E11 / 12.

The Reference Silver Microphone is expected to be delivered at the end of April at a price of around 4500 €.

Shape Monitors by Focal

Musikmesse 2017 News

Musikmesse 2017 Shape Monitors by Focal

Focal presents a revolutionary new series of near-field monitors with the Focal Shape Series, consisting of the Shape 40, Shape 50 and Shape 65 speakers.

Focal’s commitment to providing innovative monitoring solutions has led to a complete rethinking of the approach of near-field studios, as shown in the new Shape series with its two passive radiators and new cones for woofers and tweeters.

The three monitors, Shape 40, Shape 50 and Shape 65 are all made in France and combine five innovations to maximize acoustic transparency. The Focal Shape series are designed for the requirements of near-field monitoring, combining an ingenious design with numerous adjustment possibilities for acoustic optimization in small listening rooms.

Nord Stage 3 by Nord

Musikmesse 2017 News

Clavia Nord Stage 3

Nord presents this year at Musikmesse 2017 the Nord Stage 3, a new series of stage pianos, which integrates a piano, a synthesizer and an organ section.

  • Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-note Semi-Weighted Waterfall keybed
  • Nord Stage 3 HP76: 76-note Hammer Action Portable keybed
  • Nord Stage 3 88: 88-note Weighted Hammer Action keybed

It combines the Synth engine from the Nord Lead A1 with the C2D organ and a 2 GB memory for the Nord Piano Library with 120 voices.

Nord Stage 3

The Nord Stage 3 has been equipped with modern OLED displays, which significantly improves readability under adverse conditions.  Clavia Nord Stage 3 will be available with 73, 76 and 88 keys. The larger versions have LED bars, which are operated by push-button printing.

Availability and prices:

  • NORD STAGE 3 Compact – 3,499.00 Euro, delivery date from July 2017
  • NORD STAGE 3 HP76 – 3.699,00 Euro, delivery date from July 2017
  • NORD STAGE 3 88 – 3.999,00 Euro, delivery date from July 2017

Quantum Synthesizer by Waldorf

Musikmesse 2017 News

Quantum Synthesizer by Waldorf

Waldorf presents this year at the Musikmesse 2017 their next big synthesizer: Quantum. This is a 8-voice synthesizer which uses three digital oscillators per voice in combination with analog filters. The oscillators are capable of producing classical waveforms, but can also be used as a granular synth, which can be switched individually for each oscillator.

The operating concept relies on a combination of traditional knobs for immediate haptic control and a high-resolution touch screen with the deep in the clang generation can be grasped.

The operating concept relies on a combination of traditional knobs for immediate haptic control and a high-resolution touch screen with the deep in the clang generation can be grasped.

So far,  the release date for the Waldorf Quantum is the end of 2017.

More news coming soon…keep close!




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