Tverb – Reverb Plug-in

By Eventide Audio & Tony Visconti (inspired by David Bowie’s Heroes)

Tverb Plugin by Eventide

Eventide in collaboration with Tony Visconti has announced this year at Musikmesse event a new reverb plugin called Tverb inspired by the vocal recording and microphone techniques used by Tony Visconti on Bowie’s 1977 album Heroes in the hall at Hansa Studios in Berlin’s Meistersaal.

Tverb features 3 microphones: one microphone with selectable polar patterns to adjust the amount of ambient room tone plus 2 movable microphones with the option to adjust reverb size and tone. Tverb plugin recreates Visconti’s iconic sound effect, but also adds new features for new soundscapes and effects.

Eventide Tverb Reverb Plugin
Tverb GUI


  • Three completely independent lush reverbs
  • Adjustable polar patterns for microphone 1
  • Custom Eventide reverb algorithm with EQ, diffusion, and decay control
  • Compressor module on microphone 1, just as Visconti had in the original session
  • 2 Linkable Post-Reverb Gate modules
  • Room mixer module
  • Signal inversion buttons
  • Mix Lock
  • Complete automation support

Also, this plugin includes a great section of factory presets created by Tony Visconti and other artists.

Tverb is available for Windows and MAC OS in VST, AAX, AU plugin formats. You can download this plugin directly from Eventide website, where is available at an introductory price of $149 ($249 after 31 May 2016). Also,  it is part of Eventide’s Ensemble subscription bundle. No iLok dongle required.

Get More Details: Tverb

We had the chance to test this new plugin, so go ahead and read our Tverb Review. Enjoy!

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