Musikmesse 2015: News and Releases by Roland

This year at Musikmesse 2015, Roland brings many new, interesting products such as System-500 Synth, Aira modular range and Blues Cube guitar amps series. Below you’ll find details about new products announced by them and their main features.

System-500 Analogue Synth

System-500 Analogue Synth

Roland announces development of System-500, an all-new, fully analogue modular synthesizer based on two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time – the System-700 and System-100m. Designed exclusively for Eurorack, the System-500 delivers classic Roland sound with all the advantages and reliability of a modern instrument.

Roland have not announced an official date when this product will be ready and at what price.

Aira Modular Synth and Effects

Roland Aira Modular Synth and Effects

Roland launches Aira, a new synth and effects line that’s designed to “bridge the gaps between modular synthesis, live performance and computer integration.”

The System-1m, is a new version of Roland’s System-1 synth that can be used as a Eurorack module, tabletop synth or 19-inch rackmount unit. It offers both external inputs and the aforementioned CV/Gate connections.

Aira modular range includes four effects: the Torcido Modular Distortion, the Demora Modular Delay, the Scooper Modular Scatter, and the Bitrazer Modular Crusher.

More details about pricing and availability very soon.

Blues Cube Tour Guitar Amplifier

Roland Blues Cube Guitar Amps

Roland presented at Musikmesse 2015 two new Blues Cube guitar amps series. One a stack-style amp with a 100-watt head and 4×10 cabinet, the other an 85-watt combo with two 12-inch speakers.

Press Release:

The Blues Cube Tour is the new flagship in the series, and the most powerful amp in the lineup. Packing 100 big watts, the Tour head provides ample power and headroom for concert-level performing. The companion CAB410 cabinet delivers smooth highs and rich low end at high volumes, offering clear, wide-range sound for any gig. Equipped with four custom 10-inch speakers, the CAB410 provides the classic 4×10 open-back configuration of sought-after vintage combos, but in a convenient standalone cab with reduced size and weight.

The Blues Cube Artist 212 is a dual-speaker combo amp that’s ready for bigger stages. Two custom 12-inch speakers deliver rich, full tone, and 85 watts of power offers clean headroom for punch and authority while performing. The Artist 212 also features reduced size and weight compared to typical 2×12 amps, making it a great choice for gigging players who need the big voice and enhanced projection of a dual-speaker combo.

…more to come…


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