MusikMesse 2014: SRP100 Studio Headphones by Alesis

Alesis SRP100 Studio HeadphonesAlesis introduce at MusikMesse 2014 event their new SRP100 model of studio headphones.

Press Release: Designed for critical studio monitoring tasks, the SRP100’s combine essential studio features with sound quality that rivals boutique headphones costing several times more.

Tuned for clarity and dynamics, the SRP100 headphones feature 40mm transducers that provide authentic audio reproduction across the entire range of hearing. With its non-fatiguing sound, the SRP100’s reproduce complex layers of audio with ease ideal for mixing and critical listening for long periods of time.

The SRP100 headphones feature sealed earcups that provide agressive isolation from the ambient environment, letting the listener hear subtle nunaces with ease. Oferstuffed ear pads prevent loud headphone mixes from leaking into adjacent microphones while providing long-term comfort for marathon recording sessions. An ajustable headband delivers a customized, no-slip fit when tracking wandering guitarists and agressive drummers.

The SRP100 Features and Specs:

  • Rich, detailed acoustics for studio monitoring or general playback
  • Closed-back, isolating ear cups prevent sound from leaking in or out
  • Around-the-ear design ensures longterm comfort during recording
  • Optimized for audio interfaces, mixers, computers and mobile devices
  • Adjustable, flexible headband secures headphones in place
  • Rugged, lightweight design withstands the rigors of daily use
  • 3.5mm (1/8-inch) stereo mini-plug
  • 6.3mm (1/4-inch) adapter included

Alesis SRP100 headphones will be available in Summer 2014 priced at $49.99 USD, street price.




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