MusikMesse 2014: ControlBLADE 4 by Music Computing

ControlBLADE 4 WorkstationsMusic Computing has announced at MusikMesse 2014 the Gen 4 versions of the StudioBLADE and ControlBLADE line of all-in-one music keyboard production stations.

The new ControlBLADE 4 (Windows version) represents a new era in performance and value. Never before has it been possible to have this much power and functionality inside a single product at such a low price. The new ControlBLADE 4 utilizes the latest Intel 4th generation i5 and i7 processors, up to 32GB of RAM, GPU processing and open PCIe slots for expansion to let you create freely (61-key only). Make your dream come true with the ControlBLADE 4.

All keyboard workstations are computer based now.

Contrary to popular belief, all modern day keyboard workstations are simply computers with a processor running an operating system and software connected to hardware controllers, piano keys, and an audio interface. This is just how they work today.

However, there is a dramatic difference between keyboard workstations and the ControlBLADE, which is a keyboard production station.

Keyboard workstations use low-powered processors, run proprietary Linux operating systems and are closed hardware and software-wise, thereby severely limiting their capabilities.

ControlBLADE keyboard production stations on the other hand, are equipped with high-power computer cores (up to 10 times more powerful), run open operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X, have vastly more expandability (up to 4 times more RAM memory and 136 times more disk storage), higher quality audio (24-bit / 96kHz vs 24-bit /48kHz), sequence, record and play more midi and audio tracks (up to 45 times more), and allow for the use of third party software, sounds and hardware controllers.

New for the StudioBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors, 2GB video capabilities and HyperDrive systems, a fusion of SSD and 7200 rpm hard drives that offer four times (4X) higher performance. The StudioBlade 4 can utilize up to dual Xeon 6-core processors for a total of 12-cores and 192GB of RAM.

New for the ControlBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors, 1GB video capabilities, HyperDrives, higher RAM capacity and four (4) open PCIe low-profile slots. The ControlBLADE 4 can utilize the latest 4th generation i5 and i7 processors and 32GB of RAM.

Audio Interface Options:

  • Presonus Audiobox USB: Inputs – 2 XLR or (1/4″) TRS (balanced or unbalanced) combo inputs /w +48v phantom power and gain control: Outputs – 2 (1/4″) balanced TRS output + 1 stereo (1/4″) headphone, MIDI (in/out) +1 direct keyboard MIDI out, Sample Rate (24bit 48KHz)
  • Presonus Firestudio Mobile: Inputs – 2 XLR or (1/4″) TRS (balanced or unbalanced) combo inputs /w +48v phantom power and gain control plus 6 balanced line level (1/4″): Outputs – 2 balanced (1/4″) TRS, S/PDIF (in/out), MIDI (in/out) +1 direct keyboard MIDI out, Sample Rate (24bit 96KHz)

StudioBLADE 4 will be available for $4.499 and ControlBLADE 4 for $2.499.

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