MusikMesse 2014: Alpha Audio Monitors Series by Focal

Focal Alpha Audio MonitorsFocal unveil at Frankfurt MusikMesse 2014 their Alpha series of audio monitors: Alpha 50, Alpha 65 and top of the range model the Alpha 80.

Press Release

Focal Professional is launching the Alpha line of professional studio monitors. Specially designed for music production, this line is composed of 3 loudspeakers: Alpha 50, Alpha 65 and Alpha 80.Featuring renowned Focal technologies, these studio monitors have been developed to ensure excellent sonic coherence regardless of the listening environment. Alpha redefines the brand’s entry-level products, making Focal Professional sound widely accessible.

Each Alpha studio monitor is equipped with two class AB amplifiers. The high current amplifiers enable complete control of the dynamics of the audio signal. This also allows for listening at high volumes without distortion. Alpha studio monitors feature a standby mode. When in standby mode, the studio monitor turns on automatically when an audio signal is detected. Thus, power consumption is optimised and user comfort is preserved.

The back panel of the Alpha 50, 65 and 80 has 2 analogue inputs, XLR and RCA, which are always active. This enables you to connect two audio sources simultaneously. You can switch from one source to the other by turning on the source, without having to change settings on the studio monitor. Another major advantage of this function is that the difference of sensitivity between a symmetrical input (XLR) and an unsymmetrical input (RCA) is compensated for electronically.

Focal Alpha Studio MonitorsFeatures:

  • Aluminium inverted dome tweeter
  • Polyglass cone woofer
  • Inputs for XLR and active RCA

The Alpha series will be available from May 2014 at the next price: Alpha 50: 249 euros, Alpha 65: 299 euros and Alpha 80: 349 euros.

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