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Producers and DJs: Music as a Profession

Producers and DJs: Music as a Profession

Have you thought about how to use music as a profession?

DJing has become a very popular source of entertainment these days. Many a time you see a DJ entertaining a large crowd with lovely music with a laptop and good quality sound system. He has to love and enjoy music to be able to manipulate and entertain you with it.

Music as a Source of Entertainment

The music industry is undergoing a lot of changes and musicians need to be proficient in many fields to be successful. A music producer has a large role to play in overseeing and managing the recording of a band or a performer. A music producer is like a film producer he has to choose the song and make necessary changes if required, coaching the artist and the musicians in the studio. The music producer, is overall, in charge of the recording sessions and controlling the entire process by audio and mixing. The budget, the schedules, and the contracts are all under his control.

Today with the advancement in technology it is possible to have a professional quality product without a multimillion-dollar studio but just a laptop and a good quality microphone. The music producer gives the recorded music to the engineer who modifies with hardware and software to make it stereo by mixing all the sounds of individuals and instruments.

How DJing can be fun with new technology

The art of Dj’ing is far advanced in the last few years. The computer processor works speedily and the application software can help edit, play-back, and note performance in several forms. The technology has improved tremendously and become user-friendly. If you just hear the track of music as you pass by a club you can ‘Shazam’ on your iPhone and identify the music. This music can be downloaded and two copies can be mixed on a 1210 Dj table for a unique composition.

Mixing music to make it enjoyable and Lively. Mixing is the process of blending different tracks of the song to make it as good as possible.

More inspiration for producers

Going back to technology, the massive effects and sequencers in software and hardware are breathtaking that there is so much choice that no creativity is required. Sometimes finger drumming can change the music and make it lively. Many producers use pre-made loops and samples from different sources, such as Loopmasters, Singomakers, Niche Audio, etc., and then mix & match these loops into new original productions in less than an hour.

Not saying that is a wrong approach, often these collections of sounds can be a good starting point for your new productions. MIDI loops – which are often included in many sample packs – can be a great source of inspiration because they offer more flexibility to create new original soundtracks. You can change any note, pitch, tempo, and even use your favorite synthesizer plugin to create completely new sounds.

However, it is recommended to create your own “sound signature” if you want to make a name between PROs – you do not want your music to sound like dozens of other songs.

Here are some techniques that can be used to make music lively and entertaining for the crowd:

  • Balancing the tracks that have been recorded
  • Fine-tuning the effect of each instrument using equalizing
  • Panning is done to create a stereo image by reducing or reversing the stereo width.
  • Reverberation can be used to enhance the recording

How Ableton Live has enhanced the workflow and audio improvements?

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) Tutorials help to learn to mix, master, and record music using DAW recording software and hardware such as Ableton Live. Live is software used for creating musical ideas and turning them into finished products. Ableton makes Live, Push and Link. Using these products users can create amazing wonders with music. FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation on PCs or intel Mac/or Bootcamp. It has a graphical user interface set on a pattern-based music sequencer and is used by electronic musicians and DJs.

A music sequencer is application software that can record, edit, or playback music using note and performance information in different forms generally Open Sound Control or CV. Ableton Live 9 Lite is a modified version of the music-making software Ableton Live. It is built with selected products and provides a new and easy way to write music, record audio, and prepare your own songs. It is very good for stage performance, as a solo or in a band.

But do not forget about other DAWs on the market used by many musicians and producers: FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Bitwig Studio, Sonar, and more others. After all, depends on what you like to use and what fits better to your needs and your style.

The Art of Marketing

Very often you come across talented musicians who do not have a fanbase and exposure to make them famous. The problem is that these talented musicians are not proficient in marketing themselves. Being very active on social networks is the BIG secret. Reply to incoming messages all the time and try to make new friends who already have a considerable influence on the industry.

Any musician who wants to promote his music requires marketing. Marketing your music is all about creating awareness of the existence of your music so that people get to know about it. Whenever you contact your fans online be sure you check on their messages when you update your sites and reply to their messages. This will help you increase your fanbase.

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If you are passionate about music and want to be a producer or a famous DJ then with all the software at your disposal, social networks, and websites like Soundcloud, now is the best time to act!

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