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5 Most Affordable Audio Monitors (Speakers) For Producers

5 Most Affordable Studio Audio Monitors For Producers

When producing music, it’s essential to hear every detail of the mix, including the balance of instruments, the clarity of vocals, and the overall frequency balance. Regular consumer speakers, such as those found in home theaters or desktop computer setups, are often designed to boost certain frequencies, such as bass or treble, to make movies […]

How To Make Money Online As Music Producer

How to make money online as music producer

Music production can be a viable industry to make money, but success in this field requires talent, dedication, hard work, and a willingness to adapt to changing trends and technologies. The music industry is highly competitive, and there are no guarantees of success. However, with the rise of music streaming platforms and the increasing demand […]

How To Pre-Mix a Microphone – Best Microphone Settings

Best Microphone Settings

Pre-mixing a microphone involves setting up the microphone and adjusting its levels before sending the signal to the main mixing console or recording device. Here are some steps to pre-mix a microphone: Set up the microphone: Position the microphone in front of the sound source, such as a singer or instrument, and adjust the height […]

How To Create MIDI Chords Using Chordjam VST

How To Create MIDI Chords Using Chordjam VST Plugin

MIDI chords refer to a series of notes played simultaneously to create a harmonic sound. MIDI chords are created using MIDI data, which is a digital representation of musical notes that can be played by virtual instruments or hardware synthesizers. Using MIDI chords in music production can help create a foundation for a song and […]

What Are The Differences Between MIDI Loops And MIDI Chords

Differences Between MIDI Loops And MIDI Chords

MIDI loops and MIDI chords are both types of MIDI data used in music production, but they serve different purposes and have different characteristics. MIDI files are usually recognized by the .mid extension. A first advantage of this format is that compared to WAV loops, MIDI files take up very little space, a few kilobytes […]

Auto-Tune Vs. Melodyne – Which Is The Best Tuning Software

Auto Tune Vs Melodyne Which Is Best Software For Pitch Correction

Auto-Tune and Melodyne are two of the most popular software tools used for pitch correction and tuning in the music industry. While both programs offer similar functionality, they differ in the way they approach pitch correction and the tools they offer to achieve it. Understanding the differences between these two software options can help you […]

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