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Timing Hacks: How To Calculate The Note Length

The grooves and flow of a song are reinforced by syncing compressors, delays, and reverbs to the tempo of the song. But what happens if your delays, reverbs, or compressors don’t have a tempo sync feature? Below, I will show you how to calculate the note length in milliseconds like a nerd. How to convert […]

5 Tips For Creating Gigantic Synths

One of the most sought after sounds in electronic music is the larger than life synths that get us up on our feet and dancing. But how do we get this sound? The key is in the layering! So I can just layer in all my favorite synths and I’ve got the next dance floor […]

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

Pre-production is one of the most underestimated phases in recording an album. It is the phase where the artist (or band), the musicians, the music teacher, and the producer sit down to hear the whole song in its barest form. This is where parts are tweaked or changed altogether, and this is when people fix […]

How to Set Up a Studio at Home

Thinking that setting up a home studio for music is a huge project? You might be thinking that building home studio will require huge capital, abundant time, research, planning, and preparation. You are not alone to think the same way, but most of the people are thinking the same as you. However, the truth is […]

5 Mixing Tips You Should Be Using

I know what you are thinking. “Great, another article on the top 5 mixing tips.  There are a million of these online right now.  Why do I need another list of tips?” While it is true that there are no shortage of lists of top mixing tips, it is also true that many of these […]

How Technology Has Changed The Music Industry

If you are thinking that music industry is simple, you are definitely wrong. The musicians, artists, songwriters, and producers are working days and nights on their tracks to make them in the form of music. Music is considered as the food of spirit and is the biggest part of every person’s life. Music has been […]

Importance of Audio Interface | Hook It Up

If you want to know how you can record anything that makes a sound then you probably want to know what an audio interface is. An audio interface is something most people know nothing of. Some musicians say that once they have a sound card, they don’t need an audio interface anymore. Can you really use […]

How To Maximize Your Vocal Workout Regime

So, you are taking vocal lessons trying your best to improve your singing voice. You are doing your regular vocal drills, day in and day out. Although the consistent and rigorous practice is necessary to improve your singing, you need to ensure that your training routine itself is sufficient. Experts suggest that any effective training […]

7 Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

best websites to find production collaborators

Sharing your work with others is a beautiful thing, but creating one with somebody with similar tastes is even better. We have all been stuck in a production of a certain track. The itchy feeling when you simply can’t get pass one point, and no matter what you do next – it just does not […]

How To Re-Master Your Sample Packs

In this article, I will highlight the basics of what a good music producer should know. You will learn what exactly the sound is and what is not. When you understand these things you will be able to produce good quality music that will appeal many people. This article is not about any particular DAW […]