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5 Ultimate Music Production Tips For The Beginners

It may sound a little over the top, but I truly believe that music production is one of the most exciting and interesting industries in the world. The vast majority of the population have a special place in their hearts for music – and I would argue that music production is the driving force behind […]

How To Write A DJ Resume – Become a DJ

If you’re looking to become a DJ and make a career from this, then the first thing you’re going to need is a good resume. This will show potential employers what experience you have, as well as giving an overview of your employment history. A good resume can give a great first impression, so it’s […]

How Does Music Affect Your Personal Health

This is a very interesting article for both listeners and music producers about how music influences our health. Longer Life Learning to play a musical instrument like a digital piano, violin, guitar, grand piano, or any popular musical instrument from anywhere in the world is very good for the mind, body, and soul because it […]

Referencing Mixes in Ableton Live – A Complete Guide

As you know, during mixing it’s always necessary to check the mix on different loudness, for mono compatibility and to compare to reference mixes. In Ableton Live, you can make it literally on the fly thanks to the opportunity to assign the keys of the computer keyboard to complete a wide variety of operations. Importantly, […]

Five Cases When Audio Mastering is Powerless

Everyone who has been busy in the music industry for a while is familiar with the concept “mastering” and knows what this process includes. But let’s be realistic… Although the mastering engineer indeed estimates audio materials from the perspective of these aspects in order to bring in defined enhancement, genuine mastering of a perfectly mixed […]

13 Essential Articles on Mixing and Producing Electronic Music

This is a guest post by Dan from The Pro Audio Files: Since releasing Mixing EDM, we’ve put out a ton of free articles and videos on The Pro Audio Files about mixing and producing electronic music. I wanted to share some of our most popular articles that will help you take your EDM mixes […]

5 Tips For Finishing Your Tracks Faster

One of the hardest parts of music production is finishing your music. Every producer has a folder filled with unfinished projects, that contains all of their 8 bar loops, half produced drops and random ideas. Don’t be fooled, even professionals have these uncompleted folders on their hard drive! The worse part is, some of these […]

5 Tips For Using Distortion

Distortion is one of the most popular and widely used effects in all music production. You would be hard pressed to find a song that doesn’t use at least some distortion. Many producers seem to think they can just grab their favorite distortion plugin, throw it on one of their tracks, dial in the dry […]