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Referencing Mixes in Ableton Live – A Complete Guide

As you know, during mixing it’s always necessary to check the mix on different loudness, for mono compatibility and to compare to reference mixes. In Ableton Live, you can make it literally on the fly thanks to the opportunity to assign the keys of the computer keyboard to complete a wide variety of operations. Importantly, […]

Five Cases When Audio Mastering is Powerless

Everyone who has been busy in the music industry for a while is familiar with the concept “mastering” and knows what this process includes. But let’s be realistic… Although the mastering engineer indeed estimates audio materials from the perspective of these aspects in order to bring in defined enhancement, genuine mastering of a perfectly mixed […]

13 Essential Articles on Mixing and Producing Electronic Music

This is a guest post by Dan from The Pro Audio Files: Since releasing Mixing EDM, we’ve put out a ton of free articles and videos on The Pro Audio Files about mixing and producing electronic music. I wanted to share some of our most popular articles that will help you take your EDM mixes […]

5 Tips For Finishing Your Tracks Faster

One of the hardest parts of music production is finishing your music. Every producer has a folder filled with unfinished projects, that contains all of their 8 bar loops, half produced drops and random ideas. Don’t be fooled, even professionals have these uncompleted folders on their hard drive! The worse part is, some of these […]

5 Tips For Using Distortion

Distortion is one of the most popular and widely used effects in all music production. You would be hard pressed to find a song that doesn’t use at least some distortion. Many producers seem to think they can just grab their favorite distortion plugin, throw it on one of their tracks, dial in the dry […]

Timing Hacks: How To Calculate The Note Length

The grooves and flow of a song are reinforced by syncing compressors, delays, and reverbs to the tempo of the song. But what happens if your delays, reverbs, or compressors don’t have a tempo sync feature? Below, I will show you how to calculate the note length in milliseconds like a nerd. How to convert […]

5 Tips For Creating Gigantic Synths

One of the most sought after sounds in electronic music is the larger than life synths that get us up on our feet and dancing. But how do we get this sound? The key is in the layering! So I can just layer in all my favorite synths and I’ve got the next dance floor […]

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

Pre-production is one of the most underestimated phases in recording an album. It is the phase where the artist (or band), the musicians, the music teacher, and the producer sit down to hear the whole song in its barest form. This is where parts are tweaked or changed altogether, and this is when people fix […]

How to Set Up a Studio at Home

Thinking that setting up a home studio for music is a huge project? You might be thinking that building home studio will require huge capital, abundant time, research, planning, and preparation. You are not alone to think the same way, but most of the people are thinking the same as you. However, the truth is […]