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Basic Compression Tips – Audio Mastering Tutorials

Audio Mastering - Basic Compression Tips

We asked some of our experts, to come up with some indispensable audio compression tips. Never be scared by your compressor again… Sidechain The sidechain, or key, is the signal within a compressor that is used to control the output level. It is when this signal exceeds the threshold that compression is applied to the […]

General Audio Mixing Techniques – Tips and Tricks

General Audio Mixing Techniques - Tips and Tricks

This article is an introduction to the audio mixing techniques, including some great tips and tricks for helping you to better understand the art of mixing. First, you need to distinguish the differences between mixing and mastering because it’s a fundamental difference in the techniques and tools used and the results. Audio mixing, generically defined […]

Behind the Audio Mastering Process – Tips and Tricks

Behind the Audio Mastering Process

Audio Mastering is the final step that is made before publishing a new track – both in terms of technical and creative points of view. I will present some mastering techniques used by many sound engineers. Mastering using these techniques will help you understand better what you need to do before you start working on […]

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