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Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Beef: Sample Packs and MIDI Loops

Drake Kendrick Beef

The Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Beef: Why is this happening? This beef has the Hiphop community going crazy. ⁤⁤Some fans think Kendrick was just showing off lyrical skill, typical lyricism and hip hop. You know, friendly competition type stuff, but Drake took it personally for some reason. ⁤ Then, you have some saying that Kendrick […]

Why FL Studio Producers Still Favor Xpand 2 (2024)

Why FL Studio Producers Still Favor Xpand!2 (2024)

Xpand!2 Overview: Overall, Xpand 2 continues to be an excellent plugin, offering rich core sounds that are both smooth and diverse, spanning multiple categories from orchestral to drums, stringed instruments, pads, leads, loops, hits, and keys. There are plenty of sounds here for music producers to explore. Pricing: $0-$99, depending on which promotion you catch. […]

Top Plugins and Sound Packs For Making Great Sounding AfroBeats

Top Sample Packs and Plugins For Afrobeats Music Producers beat makers

In this post, we’ll explore the top plugins and sound packs for making AfroBeats, bridging the gap between amateur and professional production. This genre is known for its polyrhythmic drum patterns, catchy basslines, and simple, yet memorable melodies. Quick Note: As you listen to the sample packs, you’ll notice that the patterns are simple, but […]

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