Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

Top Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

Sharing your work with others is a beautiful thing, but creating one with somebody with similar tastes is even better. We have all been stuck in a production of a certain track. The itchy feeling when you simply can’t get pass one point, and no matter what you do next – it just does not […]

Mixing In Its Core – What Audio Mixing Really Is

Mixing In Its Core - What Is Audio Mixing Article

Have you ever thought about what audio mixing really is? “Mixing in its core” means that every instrument present in a song is balanced. So, practically that’s mixing in a nutshell. There isn’t a particular secret or a well-kept strategy when it comes to mixing, but if the need for defining a secret behind mixing exists […]

Can You Really Fix it in the Mix?

It is one of the most common platitudes that you get to hear in a recording studio, “we’ll fix it in the mix“. But is it really a good idea to record your tracks and then to worry about fixing them, adding EQ, compression, noise reduction etc. later on? Of course not! The saying should […]

Tips For Recording In Improvised Locations

Recording Tips In Improvised Locations

There’s a type of recording sessions that are my favorite kind of work: recordings that take place in improvised locations, outside of the recording studio. Sometimes musicians get inspired by the atmosphere of a place and create something wonderful recordings on the spot. You’ll want that record that for later, preferably in multitrack, in your […]

How To Calculate Delay And Reverb Times Like A Nerd

How To Calcualte Delay And Rverb Times Like A Nerd

The grooves and flow of a song are reinforced by syncing compressors, delays, and reverbs to the tempo of the song. But what happens if your delays, reverbs, or compressors don’t have a tempo sync feature? Below, I will show you how to calculate the note length in milliseconds like a nerd. How to convert […]

Is The Beatport Link a Game Changer For Producers & DJs?

Beatport Link - A Game Changer

There is a lot of buzz around the launch of the new streaming service from the electronic music juggernaut Beatport. As the largest storefront for electronic music, the focus is on how this new service will impact both DJs and producers. In this post, we dive into the details to find out if Beatport Link […]

3 Reasons Why Virtual Instruments Have Taken Over

3 Reasons Why Virtual Instruments Have Taken Over Music

I started playing in a band about ten years ago. When I first started playing, VSTs were not anywhere near as accessible as they are today. So, what’s changed? Music has made a massive shift towards electronic music production over the last 10 years. In short, VSTs make it so you can have a library […]

Mixing Vs. Mastering – What Are The Differences

Audio Mixing vs Mastering

What is Mastering and How is It Different From Mixing? As a mastering engineer, I’m often asked to explain the difference between mixing and mastering. They both include volume level adjustments and EQ. They both aim to make a good blend of sounds and proper presentation of music for your listeners. And you can easily […]