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How Important is Music Theory for Music Producers

Music theory is the understanding of music and its content. It includes chords, triads, scales, harmony etc. Music theory is huge, there is no limit on what you can learn about it. Learning music theory will expand your musical knowledge hugely and help your tunes massively. Many music producers believe that they don’t need to […]

FL Studio Mixing HOT Tips: Layers & Layering

FL Studio Mixing Tutorial - Layers and Layering

So, every now and then, we find something’s missing in our productions, and we try adding some new arrangement or adding a new voice, and it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t need anything new, but somehow, something’s still missing. It sounds thin, it lacks weight. If this is something you find yourself struggling within your […]

EQ – Normalization – Compression – Limiting

Equalization, Normalization, Compression and Limiting

As a music producer or sound engineer, it is inevitable not to meet with these terms: Equalization, Normalization, Compression, and Limiting. What is the difference between equalizing and normalize? In what order do you normalize, compress, EQ and limit? Well, in this article, we’ll explain what each of this term meaning and what he does […]

How to Record Vocals: 8 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

How To Record Vocals - Recording Vocals Mistakes

Vocals are integral to modern music. If your song has vocals in it, they’re probably the focal point of the entire track. As a musician, you might hear the different instruments. But the average listener will only hear the vocals and the lyrics. How to record vocals to sound great is the first step towards […]

Mixing & Mastering Tips: How To Use The High Pass Filters

Audio Mastering Tutorial - How to use High Pass Filters

High Pass Filters are probably the most overlooked tools in your studio. Everybody talks about compressors, limiters, reverbs, EQs, even tape simulators, before High Pass Filters, even though they are by far, the most important tool you can have when mixing. High Pass Filters you’ve said? Indeed. As it name suggests, High Pass Filter (HPF) […]

Mastering in FL Studio – 8 Steps To Master a Song in FL Studio

Mastering in FL Studio - 8 Steps To Master a Song in FL Studio

Many people assume that to master a song you either need to send them to be done professionally or you need thousands of pounds of gear for master your tracks with. This is 100% incorrect. You can master your track within your DAW and even with the stock plugins. (Also see: Best DAW for music production). Whether […]

5 Ways To Create Depth Within Your Mix: Tips & Plugins

5 Ways To Create Depth In Audio Mix

One of the problems with amateur tracks is that the mix is very ‘2D’. This means there is no depth to the mix. Depth can be created in many different ways. It is usually desirable to give the listener a three-dimensional sense, such that it actually is “in the music” rather than outside a passive audience. […]