HAAS Effect – What Is And How To Use It In Music Production

HAAS Effect - What Is And How To Use It In Music Production

The Haas effect is one of the curious psychological effects used by the music and audiovisual industry. The Haas effect is a psychoacoustic phenomenon discovered by Dr. Helmut Haas in 1949. Also known as the “priority effect,” the theory says that when one sound is followed by another with a delay of approximately 40 ms […]

Condenser Microphones vs. Dynamic Microphones

Condenser Microphones Vs Dynamic Microphones

These days you can find many good microphones, and much cheaper than they were a few years ago. If you have a good microphone, a good performer, and a good room to record, you can get excellent recordings results. Microphones are varied, and everyone is wondering what microphone needs to record something. There does not […]

What Is Audio Dithering In Music Production

iZotope MBIT Dither

What is audio dithering? At its core, dithering is just noise, and noise, by its very nature, is random. In the early days of digital audio, some clever engineers realized they could take advantage of random noise. By mixing it with the quantized signal, they could add enough variation to preserve the original signal. Dithering […]

Pan Like A Pro – Audio Panning Tips + Examples

Pan Like A Pro - Audio Panning Tutorial Tips

Depending on the DAW (or mixing console), audio panning is represented as either a pan knob or slider that can be moved all the way from one side (left) to the other (right) and set anywhere in between. This makes us think that, as we pan a track (or instrument), we’re moving it along a […]

Your Friend: Panning – Mixing Tutorials and Tips

Your Friend Panning - Music Production Tips

Audio panning is the phenomenon that decides where any audio signal will be sent to either left, right or center position. This is all assuming you’re using stereo settings. For the best sound panning experience make sure your monitors are at an equal distance from themselves and from you. Your audio monitors should form an equilateral […]

Tips About Studio Monitors and Room Acoustic Treatment

Studio Monitors and Room Acoustic Treatment

Studio monitors are speakers or a speaker system most used in recording studios, mixing, mastering, radio, TV, and more. The sound engineer shapes the sound depending on what he hears in his audio monitors, making sure that the audio material can be heard properly on any audio system or as many audio systems. Studio monitors […]

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