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MSpectralPan Free Panning VST / AU by MeldaProduction

MSpectralPan Free Panning VST

MeldaProduction has released the MSpectralPan, an innovative free panning VST plugin that can help you to determinate the panorama of a signal. You can arrange individual frequency ranges in the stereo field.

There is also a lot of creative potential in MSpectralPan. It is similar to an equalizer, creates depth and cleans up the mix.

The plugin offers several detailed views, including Analyzer, Fill, Sonogram. It houses the Dry / Wet and Gain controls, also offers modulation options, such as an LFO, step sequencer, a level tracker for the input signal, a sidechain input and more.

Switching between two signals is done by A / B comparison.

MSpectralPan free panning plug-in can now be downloaded free of charge via MeldaProduction website (197 MB download size) in the formats VST, AU and AAX and is compatible with the Windows and MAC systems.

Download Link: MSpectralPan

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