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MSLR FREE Mid/Side Processing VST Plugin By HASound

MSLR Audio Processor VST Plugin

The Ukranian plugin company HASound has released the MSLR free VST plugin which is an MS audio processor that can work in three mods: encoder, decoder and inline.

Is composed of three audio mixers, an MS encoder, and decoder. Changing the mode using the big white knob will make these components to interconnect differently.

Here are some function modes you can obtain with MSLR audio processor plugin:

Encoder Mode (LR-MS)

Use this mode to convert the input LR signal to the output MS signal.

Audio Processing Encoder Mode

Decoder Mode (MS-LR)

Use this mode to convert the input MS signal to the output LR signal.

Audio Processing Decoder Mode

Inline Mode (LR-MS-LR)

Use this mode to affect on the Mid and Side components of the stereo signal without the need to convert the input LR signal to the MS signal.

Audio Processing Inline Mode

The Mixers

Throughout the whole path of the audio signal you able to change the gain of the signal in range -24 dB to +12 dB on each audio mixer.

Also, you can mute or change the polarity of the selected channel.

MSLR plugin is available for free download via HASound website as 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin for Windows.

Link: MSLR

If you downloaded this plug-in and you used it then leave a comment and give us your opinion, does it help you?

A few days ago they released another interesting plugin, called Big Apple, a feed-forward dynamic range compressor based on the ideal VCA mathematical model, it is available for $19.95.

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