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Monologue Monophonic Analogue Synth Released by KORG

Korg Monologue Synthesizer

KORG has released monologue, a new monophonic analogue synthesizer, with its own sound, new voicing, and creative sound shaping capabilities.

Monologue is a compact synthesizer instrument with 25 velocity-sensitive mini-tones. Also, it features two oscillators with several waveforms for the sound, plus a mixer section. Korg wants the units filter (with cutoff and resonance), drive,

Korg’s monologue can create poweful basses, expressive lead voices and other sonic monosounds due its filters (with cutoff and resonance), drive, LFO and modulation.

Korg Monologue

All 23 controls should provide direct access to the assigned parameters, and the oscilloscope, as well as the Minilogue, displays the changes in real time. The 16-step step sequencer gives you up to four parameters and the opportunity to choice from five eye-catching colors. The connections can be found in audio, MIDI sync and USB versions, of course, a headphone output is also missing.

Korg Monologue is available in five color variations: black, red, dark blue, gold, aluminum. This new compact and colorful monologue can also be powered by six AA batteries, interestingly enough!

The new Korg monologue hardware synthesizer is available for pre-order starting with November 2016 and will be available for shipping and in stores starting with January 2016 priced at 299 EUR.

More Details: monologue

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