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Mobius Filter Effect Plug-in Released by iZotope

iZotope Mobius Filter Effect

iZotope release Mobius Filter, a “perpetual motion machine” for your music. Mobius Filter is a new creative effect plugin based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard tone that can be used to add infinitely emotional swelling, ascending or descending motion to your music while maintaining full frequency bandwidth.

Mobius Filter is a great alternative to using pitches in your audio to get the sensation of constant movement, your audio can rise or fall at varying speeds. Using Mobius Filter you can produce unique filtered tones for your guitar tracks or add more motion on distorted instruments. You can add this effect plug-in to the vocals, one of the instrument tracks, or even on the whole mix – the possibilities are endless.

iZotope Mobius Filter
iZotope Mobius Filter GUI

Key Features:

  • Drag it around: Use the X/Y pad to draw your own expressive sweeps, make fluid adjustments to both Center Frequency and Resonance using a single control.
  • Get in sync:  Adjust the Host Tempo Sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars and get a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion effect.
  • Immerse yourself: Use Stereo slider to create an immersive environment which widens the stereo field.
  • Put it on hold: Use the Pause function to create a static filter effect. Or, pause when it feels right and then automate to create custom sweeps.

Mobius Filter works on Windows (7, 8, and 10) and MAC (OS X 10.8–10.11) being available in VST2, VST3, AAX (64-bit), AAX AudioSuite (64-bit), RTAS (32 bit), DPM AudioSuite (32 bit) and Audio Unit plug-in formats – Compatible with Ableton Live (9–9.5), FL Studio 12, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools (10–12.4), Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Digital Performer, Sonar.

Get More Details: Mobius Filter

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