MixerFace – Mobile Recording Interface by CEntrance

MixerFace - Mobile Recording InterfaceCEntrance launches MixerFace, a new mobile recording interface for smartphones and tablets.

MixerFace Features:

  • Two custom, discrete, boutique microphone preamps, based on our new, low-noise dbpre technology.
  • Each input features a Neutrik combo XLR jack with mic / line inputs and a wide-range gain control. Inputs can accommodate a guitar pedal board, as well as keyboards and other XLR or 1/4″ audio sources.
  • A Hi-Z input has been requested and may be added.
  • Two LED level indicators per channel (green for signal present, red for peak)
  • 48V phantom power for using professional condenser microphones. Switchable per channel.
  • 24-bit / 192kHz A/D and D/A converters.
  • An innovative monitoring and mixing section that allows to pan each channel and control the dry/wet signal mix in the headphones.
  • Loud headphone amplifier with digital volume control.
  • Fully portable operation. Fits right underneath the phone, straps right to it and serves as a cradle, forming one device to hold.
  • Works with old 30-pin iPhones and new lightning connector-based iPhones. Shorter cable options will be available as well.

MixerFace Smartphones Audio Interface


MixerFace will be released in April 2014 and will be priced at $599 USD.

Check bellow the presentation video for this product:

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