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MixChecker Mixing Assistant Plugin by Audified

Audified MixChecker Plugin

Audified has released MixChecker, a must-have mixing assistant plug-in that transforms your audio studio monitors into classic reference monitors or one of several consumer devices to instantly improve mixes.

Best mixing practice today, therefore, involves ensuring that mixes are going to sound the best that they can on a wide range of different devices that sound so wildly different by their very nature — not just on high-end studio monitors.

MixChecker is a clever and convenient mixing assistant audio plug-in that takes all the pain out of checking mixes.

As Audified Marketing Director Jakub Turecek explains:

Ex-broadcast pros from our team always wondered, ‘Why do our trailers always sound so good in the studio, but never the same when you catch them on air?’ When they realised, they said, ‘We should have a TV and a radio in every edit room, so that we can mix directly for TV or radio.’ When they joined our team they expanded upon this idea since sound engineers who mix for iPhone or iPad computer games and YouTube content creators all face the same problem: ‘Do we really need so much gear in our studios? Surely there has got to be a more clever and more convenient way to handle these issues?’

MixChecker is quite simple to use. Its main functions are separated into two specific sections: Simulation accesses acoustic models of several consumer devices and classic reference monitors — simply select the device you want to check the sound of your mix on by pressing a single button clearly labeled with an instantly recognizable icon.

Indeed, cycling through these buttons bring about an authentic overview of how the mix should sound across a variety of realistic real-world listening devices.

Not all studio monitors deliver a flat frequency response, however — hence the Compensation control section you can select from four more clearly-labeled buttons to tell MixChecker that you are using average 5” or 8” speakers or headphones and listen to the resulting sound change accordingly (although high-quality studio monitor owners should simply select OFF).

The BYPASS button turns off all processing, ensuring that the signal passes through MixChecker without being treated.

MixChecker is available via Audified online store in AAX 32bit/64bit, AU 32bit/64bit, VST2 32bit/64bit, VST3 32bit/64bit plugin formats, priced at $149.

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