Review: Dynameter Metering Plugin by MeterPlugs

Dynameter Metering Plugin

This time I am glad to review Dynameter, a specialized meter plugin recently released by MeterPlugs.

It can show a scrolling display of the dynamics inside your track, not simply a dB meter but a technical plugin able to find and display dynamics (ranges, differences in volume and dynamics during the several parts of mix or an audio track).


This visualizer plugin in meters category has an efficient way of showing dynamics in real-time, on several standard audio parameters set on iTunes, Youtube or other main audio platforms.

You can adjust the target (here 8 on this screenshot) corresponding to the selected preset at the bottom of the plugin, with Preset and Platform settings.

Dynameter Metering Plugin

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It’s really interesting how audio can transform itself in a scrolling map of dynamics.

Then you will see while listening how volumes and attacks can modify the colors from green (wanted) to red or blue or yellow…

It depends if you want a music having a tiny dB range for maximum volume: ie 0 to -3dB, then you will have mostly green display for your track, without volume variation.

If the music goes from 0 to -15 dB and with a lot of breaks or differences, the audio will display green but often red or blue, when the audio goes is another dB range or dynamics range.

Dynameter displays a measurement called PSR – the difference between the peak level and the loudness.


Higher PSR readings are typically found with more dynamic recordings, whereas heavily limited or clipped material usually shows lower PSR values.

Dynameter measures the PSR in real-time, and also displays a colour-coded history graph, giving you an intuitive snapshot view of the dynamic profile of your music.

In a few words, the audio is processed to display what we have between loudness average (floor) and peaks (max dB values or highest range of dB on the waveform display).

This makes a dynamic display, scrolling at your chosen speed to follow the audio track. Then you can see maybe red parts to optimize or blue parts to remaster to fit better with the main green color wanted for your entire track.

This is a great playlist of 5 videos for Dynameter:

So, what can you do in these areas of dB and dynamics, with Dynameter?

These are a few examples on how to optimize tracks and master output on audio going into Dynameter window:

  • Adjust the music to a competitive or even optimal “loudness” on any platform like Youtube, iTunes…
  • Optimize the punch and power of your audio, “looking at audio” before and after a compressor or effects on the inserts or Master mix.
  • Choose the target dynamics profile or your own custom setting.
  • Gain an intuitive feel for optimal levels of compression and limiting.


This plugin is very interesting for producers looking for a good visualizer on real-time dynamics, with a lot of possible settings. This is awesome for comparing before and after effects on audio tracks, or on the Master mix, before and after the last effect which is usually a limiter, compressor, or a multi-effect/mastering plugin.

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