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METEOR Impact Creator Plugin Released by UVI

UVI Meteor Cinematic Plugin

UVI has released the METEOR, a new audio plugin that can create cinematic sound effects for film, games, music and more.

Meteor includes a large library of sounds (almost 6.5GB FLAC) ranging from field recordings of all kinds to orchestras.

A distinction is made between the two sections Rise and Impact.

A versatile 7-track design provides fully-featured sections for rising and impact sounds, allowing up to 3 rise and 4 impact tracks each with everything from basic channel controls to offset, high-quality filters, pitch-shifting, and IRCAM granular processing.

The sound library of Meteor has been meticulously designed to provide a wealth of inspiring and useful material that spans artistic mediums and genres. From exclusive field recordings, foley, synth-scapes and textures, to effects and instruments including symphonic orchestra sessions directed specifically for this collection.

A generous collection of acoustic sounds provide organic tonal beds, micro details, conventional instruments, environmental cues, and powerful impacts with striking presence and clarity, meanwhile, Meteor’s synthesized sounds were designed in Falcon, resulting in rich swells, synthetic textures, dramatic crescendos and deep, sub pumping impacts that can be used to create extra weight for acoustic sounds or vivid sci-fi scenes.

If you want to create sounds for performance simply flip the Hold switch and Meteor morphs from a sound design role into a playable instrument with full control over pitch, velocity, and timing.

The 7-layer architecture is built with 3 tracks dedicated to rise sounds and 4 dedicated to impacts. Each layer provides general functions such as volume, pan, bypass, mute, solo and effects sends for reverb and delay as well as layer-typical controls.

The Rise sounds each have a customizable velocity curve, volume and pitch modulations, multi-mode distortion, and a multi-mode filter. The duration of the Rise sound can be set in seconds or BPM-dependent to the DAW tempo for rhythmically precise use.

The transition to impact sound can be either abrupt or with a time offset and fade.

The impact sounds include offset, transient, and tail length, multimode distortion, multi-mode filter, pitch / glide, and a granular mode. The layers of a group can be edited individually or together.

For modulation, there is an LFO, a multi-step filter, and a multi-step panner, which can individually or together control the Rise and Impact sounds.

The stereo bus effects include a 3-band EQ with a low-pass filter, convolution reverb and the specially developed compressor / enhancer “THRUST”, which is operated via a button.

Meteor is a creative and powerful sound design tool with a deep and intuitive feature set, capable to generate emotive orchestral gestures, dynamic risers and thunderous impacts perfect for producers and sound professionals working in film, games, music and more.

UVI Meteor can be operated with the free UVI Workstation or the UVI Falcon, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Pricing and Availability

Meteor is available immediately at an introductory price of $99 / 99€ through February 28th, 2018 (regularly $149 / 149€) from the UVI online shop.

More Details: Meteor

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